Fear grips residents of Rawalpindi Cantonment

Armed Mob occupies a Private property

Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Unidentified armed individuals entered Rawalpindi Garrison in the middle of night on Sunday and forcefully occupied a private property on main Peshawar road near General Headquarters. Terror gripped the residents of the area when this mob arrived causing a lot of trouble for the locals.  

According to sources two brothers named Malik Shabbir and Malik Naseer were leading the armed mob, and these sources have also claimed that these individuals are also involved in criminal activities.  The possession of the said property has been given to a bank as per the court decree, however mob led by Malik Shabbir and Malik Naseer forcefully occupied the property.

The property has been identified as Mausoom bakery on main Peshawar road which was in joint partnership of ten individuals and has recently been closed. There is also an ongoing case for division of the said property in court; however the mob has forcefully occupied the property.

“Who would have such guts to enter the cantt area, with weapons and that too in the form of a mob and engage in such sort of behaviour?” asked the residents of this area. Police responsible for this part of the Rawalpindi garrison is quiet and has not taken any action against these culprits so far. These miscreants identified themselves as the members of some intelligence agency.

The residents of the area are highly concerned for their safety and due to the police complacency they request the station commander of Rawalpindi garrison to take notice of this risk to their safety and security.  

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