Fear and loathing in Islamabad

Atif Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: When the elder of any family get in a dispute amongst themselves children get upset emotionally and psychologically. This is happening in Pakistan, the leaders of the state are in a deadlock with the opposition. Although, the marches and the confrontation is peaceful still there is fear and loathing in Islamabad. Fear of the outburst of the emotions of the followers of the two forces namely PTI and PAT. Loathing of the reason that this nation has come to this point that safety, well being and secure future cannot be seen. There must be a way to overcome these scary times in our present and commit that our future will be better.

Strategic approach of the politicians of Pakistan should not be planning of the elections or coming in to power. It must be that the growth of the nation in terms of every aspect a country should be devised upon must be on the right track and growing positively. May it be defense, education, infrastructure, health and living or recreational activities everything is the basic right for the people of any country. In fact these things combined together to make a happy and prosperous nation. Leaving any social element out of the bigger picture will be creating a scenario of distrust and unhappy public.

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan represents the nation of more than eighteen crore individuals that all have a very special role in the evolution of this country. May it be good or evil, every living thing has a purpose. Pakistan was built for a purpose, combining the two facts brings the notion of understanding that there is certainty of the global role of this nation in the coming times. The global role to be played can be for good or bad this is what the people of Pakistan will decide. Pakistan holds the key, to solve many global issues which can be seen in the distant future this fact cannot be ignored.

Pakistan is one of the few countries which have been constantly in the state of war internally and externally. Terrorism and Indian pressure both scenarios are being handled by Pakistan. Still, this nation strives for better future. Pakistan survives to keep the young generations to live in peace and prosperity becoming an example of durance and courage. Pakistan is no ordinary country; it is the passion of humanity’s ultimate goals of living and growing in every term of the evolution of mankind itself.


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