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Fatwa against terrorism

In a recent development and a much needed one a group of thirty one religious scholars belonging to different sects of Islam has issued a fatwa against suicide attacks, armed insurgency, and the use of force with the aim of imposing Shari’a law.
Islamic Research Institute of the International Islamic University held an event on May 27 under the title of “Reconstruction of Pakistani society in the light of Madina Charter and announcement of Paigham-e-Pakistan,”. Using the platform religious scholars issued a fatwa condemning terrorism and extremism which also labeled suicide attackers and those who support them as traitors. It also states that waging jihad is a prerogative only of an Islamic state. Fatwa declared armed insurgency against a state and use of force in the name of imposing Shariah as ‘Haram’ or forbidden in Islam.
Country is fighting war against terrorism since long and various military operations have been launched against militants. At a time when law enforcing agencies are trying their best to eliminate menace of terrorism from Pakistan, people from all walks of life also need to play their part to eradicate extremism. Along with eliminating terrorism, National Action Plan also aims at taking initiatives against increasing extremism from the society. Numbers of researches have revealed that the twisted interpretation of Islam by the extremist has brain washed thousands to suggest that those who kill in the name of religion will be rewarded after death. There was dire need to educate youth that Islam and humanity renounce violence of all sorts. This fatwa is a positive and historic step taken by the religious scholars.
In Pakistani society religious clerics hold a significant status, majority of the people contact them for seeking guidance in dealing with religious and social issues. Considering the fact that Religious leaders and scholars have significant influence on the masses, this fatwa can be proved very pivotal in reducing extremism. Issuing a fatwa countering extremism and terrorism would certainly help in achieving the objective to make this country a peaceful place to live in.

Issuing a fatwa countering terrorism would certainly help defeating rising menace of extremism.

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