Expressing solidarity with Pakistan Army, TJP to hold rally in Quetta

RAWALPINDI: Tehrik Jawanan Pakistan (TJP) will hold a protest rally in Quetta on Friday (tomorrow) to express solidarity with Pakistan Army and paying tribute to martyrs of armed forces who sacrificed their lives while dealing with the challenges faced from anti-state powers.

Chairman TJP Mohammad Abdullah Gul from Rawalpindi will address the participants of protest rally via telephone.

In a statement issued on Thursday, TJP Deputy Secretary General, Dr irfan said that the protest rally was aimed at expressing solidarity with Pakistan Army and support for armed forces who were fighting against the elements involved in anti-state activities to destabilize the country.

He said that it is responsibility of the TJP to defend national frontiers, ideology of country and tackle with internal threats.

Dr. Irfan said that anti-state elements have joined hands to ruin the peaceful environment of the country through terrorism and confuse the nation but TJP will not let their nefarious designs to succeed.

He said that TJP will soon start a public awareness campaign against anti-state forces.


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