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Establishment arranged meetings on Farooq Sattar’s wish: Mustafa Kamal

KARACHI: Responding to the allegations leveled by Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) Chief Farooq Sattar, Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Saturday revealed that establishment arranged meetings with them on Farooq Sattar’s wish.

Talking to media in Karachi, Mustafa Kamal said that he wants to unearth some sensitive facts with great care, adding that we are not among those who leak confidential things at first. He said media pusblished that PSP and MQM joint press conference was held over establishment’s order.

“Farooq Sattar accused establishment of kidnapping him and forced him to hold press conference with PSP but the reality is that Sattar used establishment and talked to me for the merger of MQM and PSP,” exposed Mustafa Kamal.

“I am not an agent of establishment but I usually talk to it for the recovery of people abducted in the metropolis,” he added.

Calling Farooq Sattar a liar, Mustafa Kamal said that MQMP chief misled the nation in his solo presser but he will tell full truth. He said Sattar has been meeting with PSP for past eight months in which MQM members including Khawaja Izhar and Amir Khan were also present.

“I clarified Farooq Sattar that I would rather dissolve my party and leave politics instead of joining MQM as this party will always belong to Altaf Hussain. I also offered Farooq Sattar to join PSP but he refused, so we decided to contest elections on a common ground with a third party,” he continued.

Mustafa Kamal disclosed that MQM founder ordered attack on media houses during a speech on August 22 but no one stopped him. He further termed Farooq Sattar as an enemy of Muhajirs and asked why Karachi is still suffering from problems when you claim to love and serve people living in it.

Hinting at MQM leader Imran Farooq‘s murder, PSP chief alleged Altaf Hussain of the killing and said that suspects with Indian setup are arrested in the case. Farooq Sattar welcomed anti-Pakistan slogans by saying”Ji Bhai, Ji Bhai”, he continued. NNI

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