Establish PIA again

August 2, 2017

Sir: There was time, when Pakistan International Airline was one of the world’s leading carriers. As they were having, National flag painted on each plane to their conceit and statehood.

Moreover, PIA was delivering their high-level principles, reliability and service quality, as they were serving in accordance with their tagline ‘Great people to fly with’. However, from the past few years this airline was entering a hypothetically dark chapter related to its image and has been severely devastated by its continuous violation of air safety regulations, such as cancellation of flights and long delays. Furthermore, maintenance of this airline is also being ignored for long time.

As this can be witnessed through its current situation, as corruption and lack of maintenance and corruption. There are numerous complaints observed of outrageous services. Disappointment among the passengers created issues. Many people perceived that their lives would be in danger while they were travelling by PIA. This cause the airline is suffering from severe financial crises. These conditions somehow suggested that it might be privatized soon.

Nevertheless, privatisation is a bitter pill but it seems as the only available solution in this situation. As in private hands, management will provide an operational efficiency and provide profitability to this airline. In Pakistan, privatization practice is laborious. Now, it is only the government responsibility to take all the key stakeholders into the confidence, otherwise, money might to wasted, if it will not compromises the accomplishment from the taxpayers. Likewise, transparency should be ensure and proper due diligence should be conducted. This is the ultimate solution to bring back the magnificent past of PIA and aid it to soar again.


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