Equal opportunities to be provided to all political parties: Hasan Askari Rizvi

June 13, 2018

LAHORE: Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi has said that caretaker government will ensure holding of free and fair elections in line with the constitutional obligations and added that we are sincerely striving for fulfilling this national obligation in the best of manner. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, we shall come up to the expectations of the nation and full support and assistance will be provided for the establishment of a genuine representative government that will be formed after the exercise of right of vote by the people so that the democracy could be continued in future in a sustained manner.

The Chief Minister said that provincial administration has been issued clear-cut instructions to fulfill the constitutional and legal responsibilities for peaceful holding of general elections. He made it clear that caretaker government is following its mandate with complete commitment and all those constitutional steps will be followed that are the basis of a peaceful and fair elections. He said that Pakistan is at an important juncture of its democratic history and whole world is looking towards the general elections. He said that caretaker government will ensure complete implementation of instructions issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan. We are committed to keep the election process totally transparent through effective monitoring by the line departments in the Punjab, he added.

Dr. Rizvi reiterated that conducive atmosphere will be arranged for peaceful holding of elections by the government. He said that fundamental responsibility of the caretaker government is to ensure holding of free and fair elections. Another responsibility of the caretaker government is to provide peaceful and congenial atmosphere for right of franchise by voters in elections along with maintaining of law and order situation, he added. He said that democracy is strengthened through elections and the caretaker government has to provide necessary cooperation to make the election process a success. The caretaker government has the limited time and scope and every effort will be made to do something better for the people in this limited interlude. He said that confidence of the political parties will be restored with our performance. We are working in an impartial manner within the legal framework; equal opportunities will be arranged for all the political parties and everyone will be facilitated, concluded Mr. Rizvi. INP