Entire Parliament to be disqualified if petitioner’s ‘Sadiq and Ameen’ plea is accepted: SC

Says only COAS can tell real situation

‘Action to be taken against PM if oath violation proved’

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court Thursday observed that action would be taken against the prime minister if it was proved that he has violated his oath.

The apex court said only the army chief can tell the court what transpired in meeting with the prime minister. It said the army chief will have to submit affidavit in the court to ascertain the claim of the petitioner. It further said the court will now never allow the petitioner to take back the petition.

The court said the whole Parliament will be disqualified if it accepts the plea of the petitioner regarding the “Sadiq and Ameen” issue.  On the other hand, the petitioner told the court that he would not take back his petition even if he is “cut into pieces”.

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by Justice Jawwad S Khawaja heard the case pertaining to a plea seeking disqualification of the prime minister.  Justice Dost Muhammad asked the petitioner’s lawyer, Tahir Nawaz Sindhu, whether he can produce the army chief as witness or his affidavit in the court. He said this matter was between the prime minister and the army chief and they better know what discussion took place between them.

Justice Dost Muhammad said no one remains “Sadiq and Ameen” after Sahaba Karam (RA) and if the petition is true then the entire Parliament will be disqualified.  Justice Jawwad said the petition was filed after reading a report in the newspapers but now the matter will not stop here and everyone concerned will have to come to the court and record statements. The petitioner said the matter will not go that far. However, Justice Jawwad said facts will be ascertained now. He said only the army chief can tell what the prime minister told him in the meeting. He told the petitioner that the nation should be thankful to him for brining the matter to the court. Justice Jawwad said it should also be ascertained what discussion took place between Imran Khan and the army chief. The court adjourned the hearing till Oct 15.INP

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