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Entered politics with a mission to serve people: Khalid Mehmood

Staff Reporter

The only reason I joined politics was to serve the people, this was stated by winner of cantonment board elections from Chaklala ward number 5 Khalid Mehmood Butt. The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) leader who won with a sizeable lead was talking exclusively to The Patriot, he said that the recent elections was the first ever elections he has participated in. He said that there are many problems in his area which he will work to solve. He added that the main issue the residents are facing is that of lack of clean drinking water and poor condition of roads. Khalid added that his passion to solve the problems of the residents has grown even stronger since winning the recently concluded cantonment elections. He said that his victory and his party’s performance in the cantonment elections has proved that people trust the party and the win is a stamp of authority by the residents on the performance of his party.

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