Enraged PPP jiyala commits self-immolation

HYDERABAD, Dec 26 (NNI): A worker of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) committed self-immolation in Hyderabad to vent his anger against a local PPP leader.

Scores of PPP workers gathered outside Hyderabad Press Club on the eve of Benazir’s seventh death anniversary and chanted slogans against the local PPP leader Ghulam Rasool Kalhoro.

An angry PPP jiyala, named Aziz, set himself on fire by sprinkling petrol, prompting bystanders to douse the fire. The injured activist was moved to Civil Hospital Hyderabad.

The protesting workers raised slogans against the party for ignoring party stalwarts and ideological workers in jobs.

They said PPP’s president in the constituency PS-49 Kalhoro was blatantly ignoring all old PPP workers in giving jobs and only considering his blue-eyed persons.

Later, Adviser to CM Abdul Jabbar reached the press club and assured the workers of communicating their concerns to party’s Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari. Upon assurance, the workers dispersed peacefully. NNI

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