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Enemies of Pakistan want to divide the nation: PM

QUETTA: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that enemies of Pakistan want to divide the nation on sectarian and ethnic grounds but asserted that we will thwart their designs with unity.

Addressing the provincial political leadership in Quetta on Tuesday, describing the Mastung incident as a tragedy, the Prime Minister appreciated the responsible posture adopted by the political leadership of the province in the wake of the incident. Some internal or external elements might be behind this horrific incident.

Nawaz Sharif regretted the Indian statement against Pakistan-China economic corridor project. He said the statement has clearly exposed the Indian designs of hegemony.

He appreciated China for rejecting the baseless reservations of India on the mega project. He said the opponents of corridor project exist both within and outside the country and we will have to take extra ordinary measures to confront them. He said the mega Chinese investment of forty six billion dollars will bring a genuine change in the country.

On the situation in Balochistan, Nawaz Sharif said overall law and order situation has improved in the province since the assumption of power by the present government. He said we are committed to bring further improvement in the situation. Normalcy will be restored in the province including Quetta at all costs.

Speaking to participants of the APC about the Mastung massacre, the prime minister said: “Who knows what kind of elements are behind this; local, foreign or those working for their own agendas?”

Sharif said that that the political and military leadership was united on matters regarding terrorism.

The prime minister asked why previous government had not started the war against terrorism earlier, adding that the country has suffered approximately $110 billion in economic losses from terrorism in the past few years.


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