Encroachments outside Benazir Hospital causing trouble to patients

RAWALPINDI, Sept 19 (DNA): The illegal parking and encroachments outside Benazir Bhutto Hospital (BBH) Rawalpindi are badly hampering patients’ daily movements towards the hospital.

Relatives of patients told DNA that due to encroachments outside Benazir Hospital they faced great difficulty while going towards Benazir Hospital along with their patients.

It is seen that fruit vendors’ pushcarts and illegal parking of taxis, Suzukis and rickshaws outside the Benazir Hospital cause great trouble to patients and their relatives in their movements.

Traffic wardens who are seen seldom there have also failed to get citizens rid of this situation as it has become order of the day for the patients and their relatives to stuck in rush outside the hospital.

It may be noted that due to Metro Bus project, the hospital administration has decided to open the entry gate of hospital on Rawal road and exist gate on a road adjacent to the hospital but no step has been taken for this till now.

The citizens appeal to concerned authorities to immediately take the notice of the situation and remove encroachments outside the hospital.=DNA

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