Emerging Trends in E-commerce in 2016

E-commerce has helped expand industries and telecommunications enabling small-scale businesses to flourish and spread internationally. This new form of interaction has brought along many new trends, a few of Jovago’smost distinguished ones are:


1. Deals
Offline deals and coupons were always a trend, but have not been taken up online. Depending on certain seasons, anniversaries or holidays, businesses offer their promising customers with irresistible deals and coupon codes. Upon making your purchase, these deals will significantly lower the cost of what you desire.

2. Innovations
From being a site that offers only information about hotels, or just offers bookings, these have been consistently transformed and recreated. Jovago.com offers its customers with not only the best deals on hotels and destinations, but also detailed reviews and pictures about them.

3. Online Sales
Massive department sales have been transferred online, with exclusive online sales occurring that encourage online shopping. Brands enjoy sample sales, distributing samples to their valued customers!

4. Global Consumption
Through e-commerce, purchase of foreign goods has become easily accessible. This has resulted in more vendors featuring their products online that facilitates further consumption and sales.

5. Virtual advertising
Since shopping has become readily available online, so has the advertisement of such goods. Visual and video imagery is very popular, featured on television, Internet and spread further through sponsorships.

*This is a guest post by Jovago.

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