Ejaz, Rizvi hope deadlock will end soon

Never rejected the path of talks; PAT chief

ISLAMABAD (INP) PAT Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has said that he has never rejected talks with the government and rejected the claim that he was not meeting the negotiators.

Pointing towards Haider Abbas Rizvi and Ijazul Haq who were standing close to the PAT chief, Qadri said ask them if I have said no to talks to anyone. He said no one came to me for talks and I haven’t said no to anyone.

Addressing media representatives, Qadri said we regard the Parliament as a sacred institution. However, I do not agree with those who indulge in state terrorism in the name of democracy.

He also directed his supporters to move away from the gates of important buildings as army is inside there. He said army is there for our security.

The PAT chief said he was refuting the charge levelled against him that he and his party were engaged in a movement to derail democracy in Pakistan.It is those who have abused their power to cause harm to the public who are in fact derailing democracy.

He asked what the PML-N leaders would have done if any of their loved ones were harmed, adding that the Sharif brothers ”would have employed the services of thugs and murderers” to take revenge if an FIR was not registered.

Qadri said he and his supporters were peace-loving and law abiding citizens of the country.

Talking to media persons afterward, Ejazul Haq and Haider Abbas Rizvi demanded the government to supply water, washroom facility and facilitate the container with food items to reach the PAT protestors.

They were confident that the deadlock about talks is over and would return to PAT chief with a team of Ministers.

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