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Eid- ul- Azha in the backdrop of political situation

Like Eid-ul- Fitr, the celebration of Eid-ul-Azha involves some unpleasant events that are usually experienced by the general public. The masses are all set to celebrate Eid ul Azha. The PTI and the PTI has decided to mark the festival at the D Chowk,. PAT Chief has permitted his activists to go to their native towns and after celebration, return back to same venue. The PTI chief Imran Khan has announced that he would stay at the venue while PAT Chief Dr Qadri would lead the Eid prayers. This would bring some relief for the Isoolites to share greetings with their relatives without any fear of getting caught between the protesting parties’ activists and police. Most of the time the inhabitants of the sit-ins areas confined themselves in the home, but due to peaceful sit-ins by the PTI and PAT has gave them courage to move freely in and around the twin cities.

But the other factor which has always been ignored by those sitting on the helms of affairs, is overcharging. Like in the past this time masses are too being fleece by the transport mafia. They have been suffering a lot to buy tickets on regular prices as the transports have raised the fares again without fearing of getting caught. First of all being overcharged then the fear of delay in departure due to change in  schedules or dilapidated  roads always create anxiety among the people who wanted to celebrate  the events with the loved ones in their native towns. Likewise the city administration continues remain a silent spectator. There is no check on the buses stands for overcharging while it is almost next to impossible to get ticket on time without greasing the palm of the officials of the Pakistan Railways. Masses sufferings peak when they get stuck up in long queues on major highways due to heavy traffic. These are the plights recurring in the case of homebound people on the festive occasions of two Eids as all modes of transports and communication network are not capable of withstanding the mad rush of passengers that are witnessed on the eve of two festivals.
Eid-ul-Azha, the second largest religious festival of the Muslims being celebrated today across the country, is all about sacrifice, both spiritual and worldly.  As the Holy Quran mentions, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) did offer, at the behest of the Almighty, to sacrifice his most beloved son, Hazrat Ismail (AS), nearly 4000 years back. He had thus set a unique example of spiritual love for the Almighty Allah. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) had showed his readiness to make any sacrifice and prove his unalloyed allegiance to Allah. But the Almighty recognising the true intentions, spared Hazrat Ismail(AS) and sent a lamb to be sacrificed. The followers of the religion of Islam do draw inspiration from this significant event and slaughter sacrificial animals during the Eid-ul-Azha every year recalling the submission the Prophet Ibrahim had made to the Creator.

The core essence of the celebration is that people should strengthen their mental resolve to avoid what is bad for them, their families, relatives, neighbours and the mankind as a whole and make sacrifices for any good cause not just for once in a year but for the year round. In doing so they should concentrate more on serving the humanity selflessly, particularly those who are in distress, financial or otherwise. As the world is getting more complicated, the people belonging to all faiths have become more self-centred. But the spirit of the Eid-ul-Azha teaches them not to be so and asks them to be sympathetic to the poor and needy. This time the political confrontation has created panic among the masses. None of the stakeholders ready to show any flexibility that may lead to end the political impasse despite the hectic efforts of the political jirga to resolve the issue peacefully. The PTI chief is in no mood to leave the D- Chowk until the resignation of the Prime Minister Nawaz Shairf. Saturday, he came up with another surprise by telling his supporters he is expecting mid-term polls are going to be held before next Eid.Well the possibility of clash between the PAT, PTI with the government is not being expected which is good news for the masses. But there are some other problems that worry the citizens. The heaps of leftover meet of sacrificial animals lay unattended for days in most of the areas of the twin cities.
The wastes created through the sacrifice of animals pose a big health threat to people living in cities and towns unless those are collected and disposed of promptly and hygienically. And this year, there has been an additional fear about prior use of steroids for fattening cows etc., in order to go for a higher ask-price for sales of sacrificial animals on this occasion. This has some severe adverse implications for human health.

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