Efforts breached to save Muzaffargarh

floodMUZAFFARGARH: As the gushing flood water is causing massive destructions across Punjab along rivers Chenab and Ravi, it is nearing Panjnad headworks. Multan and Muzaffargarh areas are under flood waters and according to reports thousands of acres of cultivated lands have been washed away.

In order to save Muzaffargarh from flood destruction, a spur has been breached near Thatha Sialan. With the breach the flood water has made its way to Taliri Canal and is spreading in the surrounding areas of Moradabad and Thatha Sialan.  

DCO Muzaffargarh has declared emergency in Taliri areas of the city and asked the residents to move to safer places. 

Chenab River is in high flood at Panjnad Headworks with water level of 3,75,000 cusecs.

According to the Flood Forecasting Centre Lahore, at present the water level is consistent at Panjnad and will increase further.

The Chenab River at Trimmu is in low flood with water inflow and outflow of 197,762 cusecs and receding. Palku Nullah is in medium flood where water level is 4,875 cusecs.

The River Ravi is in high flood at Sidhnai Headworks where inflow of water is 79,693 cusecs and outflow is 64,843 cusecs.

The flood warning center says flood peak of 6-7 lakh cusecs will reach Guddu Barrage from Monday to Wednesday.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has directed provincial administration and concerned district officers in the flood hit areas to remain alert and vigilant.

They have been asked to remain present in the flood affected areas of their relevant districts.

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