Effect of Globalization on Women’s Lifestyle

The term globalization means, “The process by which businesses or other organizations develop International Influence or start operating on an International scale”. The roles of women in society have been changing and they are now emerging from the past traditions into a new era of freedom and rights. Women have sought to fight entrenched interests for community benefits, and through their collective strength, have earned a new identity. Although women hold a unique position in every society, they still belong to a disadvantaged class of society due to various social barriers and impediments. Women are usually most exploited and least privileged members of households and as caregivers of their families, they are also overburdened with domestic work for their families. Their second class status in several societies, women’s issue have acquired growing importance in all countries as the impact on gender discrimination in the political, social, economic and employment areas have come into a society. The work available to women is almost always poorly paid, mentally and physically unhealthy or insecure. Globalization has opened up broader communication lines and brought more companies as well as different worldwide organizations into our society. This provides opportunities for not only workingmen, but also women, there are opportunities for higher pay. Thus, this can also promote equality between sexes. Globalization has the power to uproot the traditional views towards women so they can take an equal stance in society. Women in the urban settings have become more independent and self-sufficient. Now most of the women are setting out of their private spaces to earn a living. Therefore, the women need to work and contribute to the household income to afford a certain lifestyle. Women are also playing a vital in Economy and Agricultural sector. The roles of women in our society have been changing and they are now emerging from the past traditions into a new era of freedom and rights due to globalization. They have dual roles to play- as unpaid servants at home and as paid servant in organizations. Women today are more rational and practical than earlier. Women have never been as expressive and Independent as she is today. The woman is also spending a lot more money on her personal appearance. Today’s women no more feel that a career would be at cost of neglecting the family and children.



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