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PM implores cabinet members to step up assistance to flood victims

Shehbaz to attend SCO summit in Uzbekistan on September 15

By Staff Reporter
ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday urged the members of cabinet to come forward to help address the miseries of flood-hit people and enhance the relief and rehabilitation efforts. Presiding over the federal cabinet meeting, the prime minister in his televised remarks urged the ministers to put more focus on helping the poor flood-stricken at this critical time besides fulfilling their official duties. "In this digital age, you can even use Zoom to complete formal tasks. But you also have to assist those [those harmed by the flood]," he said. While praising the work of the cabinet members involved in flood relief, the prime minister urged those who were not involved to step forward and assist the impacted people. In two to three months, he anticipated, the water in the flood-affected districts will recede, allowing for rehabilitation of the residents. "Everyone, including the soldiers, physicians, police, and bureaucrats, is aware of the situation. The individuals harmed by the flood will remember your efforts. The Prime Minister bemoaned the fact that the flood-affected masses, who also knew the political figures acting at this crucial moment and remained silent, would speak up when the time was right. He said that Pakistan was suffering greatly from the effects of climate change despite its negligible contribution to global emissions. The UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres' visit to Pakistan at this crucial moment and the UN's rapid appeal for US$160 million to aid those impacted by the floods were both appreciated by PM. He claimed that the UN Secretary General, who also paid visits to areas devastated by the floods, had pleaded with the world community to help Pakistan lessen the pain of those impacted by the floods and the harmful effects of climate change. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif will attend the annual summit of the Council of Heads of State (CHS) of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) being held on September 1-16 in Uzbekistan. The Uzbek president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who would preside over the conference, invited the prime minister to attend the SCO summit, according to a statement from the foreign office. The meeting will be attended by the heads of SCO organisations, members of SCO, and observer governments in addition to other distinguished guests. On the sidelines of the SCO summit, PM Shehbaz Sharif will meet in private with other participating leaders in addition to attending the summit. The SCO leaders will discuss significant global and regional concerns at the upcoming CHS, including as climate change, food security, energy security, and sustainable supply chains. Additionally, they will give their approval to documents and agreements that will set the course for future SCO member state collaboration. The SCO is a significant transregional alliance that includes South and Central Asia. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), established in 2001, embraces the values and tenets embodied in the "Shanghai Spirit," which include mutual trust, mutual benefit, and pursuit of shared progress.

Flooding caused $30 billion loss for Pakistan: Pervaiz Ashraf

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The "Third Inter-Parliamentary Union Regional Seminar on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Parliaments of Asia-Pacific" began at the Parliament House in Islamabad on Tuesday. The seminar aims to highlight the vulnerabilities of developing countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, to the ever-intensifying impacts of global climate change. The seminar will cover a wide range of topics, including inclusive development, climate change, hunger and malnutrition, promoting quality education and decent work for youth, and ensuring equitable access to health, according to National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, who addressed the opening session. The speaker advised the audience to think carefully about the serious threat that climate change poses to human security. He added that lawmakers must comprehend their part in ensuring successful climate change mitigation. Despite producing less than 1% of the world's emissions, Pakistan is placed eighth among the nations most vulnerable to climate change, according to Raja Pervaiz Ashraf. He claimed that the recent floods in Pakistan resulted in the irreparable loss of many precious lives as well as the destruction of essential buildings such as residences, schools, and basic healthcare facilities. He said that the floods had cost Pakistan $30 billion. He claimed that the water had ruined crops. In light of the huge socio-economic shock to our countries caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the speaker said that the seminar gives us a very timely opportunity to reassess the national and regional strategies toward achieving the SDGs until 2030, particularly viz a viz challenges of providing decent work, equitable health, and ensuring food security in a world marred by negative effects of climate change in the form of extreme droughts in some regions while flash floods in other.

PAF quick recovery and aid efforts in flood-affected areas

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: After recent flash floods that caused havoc across the nation and claimed more than 1,000 lives, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) personnel were actively helping with flood relief efforts and performing their duty of service. According to a PAF news release, PAF has increased its relief efforts and rehabilitation efforts in the flood-affected regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh, and South Punjab. PAF Emergency Response Teams have provided basic food necessities to needy households in the previous 24 hours by distributing 23,655 cooked meal packs, 1531 water bottles, and 3909 ration packs. Furthermore, the Pakistan Air Force's medical teams attended to 236 patients at their field medical camps in addition to giving them free food and lodging.

‘In lust of power Imran can't see country, people submerged in floods’ 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Tuesday castigating PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that he was unable to see the country and people submerged in floods as he only wanted to see himself back in power. The minister claimed in a statement that Imran Khan's genuine issues sprang from his own ego, pride, self-righteousness, desire for power, and corruption. Imran Khan should first determine what his issue is, according to her, whether it be a foreign conspiracy, genuine freedom, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), or an NRO for corruption. The minister claimed that the PTI leadership wanted an NRO for what she called their "actual corruption," not true freedom. She insisted that although there was no international plot, they wanted NRO for their "true conspiracy of foreign money." Imran Khan, according to Marriyum Aurangzeb, wants the corruption cases against him to be resolved, not to win the general election. She claimed that Imran Khan was a dishonest bigot with a sick, defeated mindset who lied, acted egotistically, and demanded NRO in foreign financing for the PTI. She said that the CEC had done nothing wrong; all he had done was disclose the outcome of the 8-year-old foreign funding case. According to the minister, Imran Khan requested NRO from the CEC in the matter involving foreign funding. She attacked Imran's hypocrisy, saying that although on the one hand he had embraced anti-US rhetoric, on the other hand he hired a company to campaign for him in the US and held private meetings with US leaders.

ISLAMABAD: Fedral Minister for Industries Production, Syed Murtaza Mahmud in a meetingt with a delegation from Finland.

3 Pakistani soldiers embrace martyred during exchange of fire on Afghanistan’s border: ISPR

ISPR says Pakistan Army determined to defend Pakistan’s borders against the menace of terrorism

By Staff Reporter

RAWALPINDI: Three Pakistani soldiers embraced martyrdom during exchange of fire with terrorists from inside the Afghanistan’s borer in general area of Kharlachi, Kurram District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) issued a statement in which it claimed that terrorists from inside Afghanistan crossed the international border and fired upon Pakistani troops, who retaliated appropriately. According to reliable intelligence reports, terrorists incurred significant losses as a result of their own troops' gunfire. Naik Muhammad Rehman of Karak, Naik Maweez Khan of Jamrud, Khyber, and Sepoy Irfan Ullah of Dargai, Malakand are some of the brave soldiers who chose martyrdom while battling valiantly. According to the statement, Pakistan vehemently rejects the use of Afghan soil by terrorists in their attacks against the country and anticipates that the Afghan government would forbid the continuation of such operations in the future. It stated that the Pakistan Army is adamant about guarding Pakistan's borders against the threat of terrorism, and that courageous troops' sacrifices like this only enhance that determination.

Sachi Baat

Pakistan is currently facing many problems: SK Niazi

The first priority of the government should be to provide relief to the flood victims

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Chief Editor Pakistan group of newspaper and chairman Roze news SK Niazi's while talking in Sachi Baat program. Inflation has increased tremendously in Pakistan no one is taking responsibility to reduce inflation everyone is busy with criticism people are facing a lot of problems they don't have enough resources to secure their selves unemployment is at the peak and floods also devastated more than 50% of the population but our government is not talking responsibility in serious way worrying condition across the country we have to save our country its time to rebuild the country not the right time for politics for sake of god thinks about the life of people and their needs not for their selves and politics in a dire situation every one play role for the betterment of flood affected people People are facing serious problems due to increase in inflation, SK Niazi this is a visible picture that People are going through difficult times due to floods. The number of flood victims is very high, all the institutions are doing their work in the best way but we have to need to give our best as possible as It will take time for the standing water of the flood to recede, SK Niazi added further that Dengue epidemic is spreading very fast in the country. This is not the time for elections; the country has become a disaster. Everyone should sit down and work for the resettlement of the flood victims. Economist Dr. Salman Shah added that Pakistan is facing many challenges, said Economist Dr. Salman Shah due to floods, the country is facing a complicated situation, economist. A lot of help is needed to help the flood victims and The political situation in the country is very complicated, Dr. Salman Shah. The political situation of Pakistan is very bad and Everyone should come together in difficult times, Economist For the sake of Pakistan, all the stakeholders should come together and do their part, Economist. PTI leader Chaudhry Adnan's talk in the program We are taking steps to eliminate the occupation mafia, Leader of Tehreek Insaaf. They will provide facilities to the people in every way, the leader of the Justice Movement Unfortunately, during the tenure of every government, the occupation mafia became stronger, Chaudhry Adnan.

Punjab intends to conduct a judicial investigation into the May 25 violence

Our Correspondent

Lahore: The Punjab government, led by the PTI, has decided to launch a judicial investigation into the alleged political torture of party activists and citizens during the May 25 long march on Islamabad. Punjab Home Minister Hashim Dogar confirmed the development, saying that Chief Minister Parvez Elahi has been asked to write a letter to the home ministry requesting a judicial inquiry into the police torture. "Police officials should appear before the JIT and explain on whose orders the action against peaceful PTI protesters on Mach 25 was launched," he said. "The torture unleashed on the PTI workers during the rally is unparalleled in Pakistan’s history," Dogar lamented. The decision is the latest by the PML-Q-PTI coalition government in Punjab against officers and former PML-N government members involved in the crackdown. Since seizing control of the political reins, the PTI-led provincial government has been on a collision course with the federal government, tightening the noose around those who had given the party a hard time during the PML-tenure. N's Last month, the provincial government announced a crackdown on those responsible for the torture of PTI workers during the May 25 rally. Earlier, CM Pervaiz Elahi directed that the perpetrators of the violence be arrested, as well as that the police officers allegedly involved in the crackdown be fired. The Punjab government has also thrown out cases filed against PTI workers for clashes with law enforcement during the long march. Meanwhile, the IGP has reshuffled Lahore's 12 superintendents of police (SPs), making four of them officers on special duty (OSDs). The 43 deputy superintendents of police were transferred by the IGP. Seven of them were made OSDs again after the PTI leadership complained about their victimisation of PTI leaders and workers during the previous government.

Karachi: A luncheon is hosted by Pakistan Japan business forum in their honor of JAPAN ambassador.

Residents of Badin have been asked to evacuate as the floodwater level rises

Desk Report

KARACHI: On Tuesday, the administration in Badin issued an evacuation order to residents after the floodwater level near the district continued to rise. Residents were warned via loudspeakers in mosques and vehicles. The district administration urged residents to leave their homes immediately and relocate their livestock and valuables to safer locations. According to local sources, the water in the area has become uncontrollable, increasing rather than decreasing over a 50-kilometer radius. Hundreds of villages in the union councils of Malkani, Samansarkar, Pir Bodlu, and Pangrio, among others, have been submerged by floodwater. Water was overflowing between Right Bank Drains 205 and 207 due to high pressure on the weak embankments. The water level in the Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) was also steadily rising to alarming proportions. Fear has spread throughout the area following yesterday's attempts to reduce LBOD and RD 211. Efforts to seal the Paran River crack have also been halted indefinitely. The water flowing through the cracks in the Paran River and Sukkur Barrage could not be stopped after 17 days.

1900 kanal state land encroached and sold out

By District Reporter

CHAKWAL: Senior journalist Khawaja Babar Saleem Mahmood said on Tuesday that the administrative operation against illegal encroachments is welcome, but many such operations were conducted in the past, but after a few days the situation returned to the same. While after a long time the citizens have seen the appearance of footpaths on which all the vendors have encroached on their goods while the vendors themselves have put up stalls on a monthly basis. He was speaking live from Chakwal Press Club Studio. The host of the program, Zulfikar Mir, said that such an operation has been seen after a long time, but the need is that now those who have been illegally encroached on should be dealt with strictly on a daily basis and they should be re-encroached. Well-known religious scholar Pir Abdul Shakoor Naqshbandi said that the tragedy is that here everything is done on a daily basis, the government officials come here as a guest, so it is also a compulsion for them to think about long-term planning. It is the task of local body representatives to fulfill their responsibilities regarding cleanliness and illegal encroachment in Chakwal city. The porters and porters are mainly working and poor people, so instead of making them unemployed, they should be provided with an alternative place and there are many government places in the city where these people can be seated and their prayers can be taken. Senior journalist Khawaja Daniyal Saleem said that the administration should hand over the 1900 kanals of government land which has been sold on a stamp paper of Rs 4 with the connivance of the finance department. He said that if the fighting with the poor lovers should be stopped and 1900 kanals of land owned by billions of rupees should be handed over to those responsible, then it will definitely be a great service to the government and the city of Chakwal. Senior Journalist Raja Iftikhar Ahmed said that despite some reservations, he supports the current operation against illegal encroachments, but there is a need to ensure that this process is carried out on a regular basis, shopkeepers and carters should be obliged to maintain their Do not exceed 4 feet from the shop and no items should be allowed to be placed on the footpaths. He said that this operation can be made successful with heavy fines.

CM Elahi protests against the federal government's double standards and ignoring Punjab regarding wheat supply 

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE: The Punjab government has strongly protested against the federal government's double standards for supplying wheat to other provinces while neglecting the needs of Punjab. Chaudhry Parvaiz Elahi has expressed his indignation at the behaviour of the federal government for not providing wheat to Punjab. He has formally protested against this discrimination and said that the Punjab government will send a protest letter to the federal government in this regard. Parvez Elahi said that the federal government is stepmotherly treating Punjab by not providing wheat to it. Rains and flooding in Punjab have resulted in the loss of several lakh tonnes of wheat. The federal government has not provided wheat despite Punjab's request, he regretted. Meanwhile, CM Parvaiz Elahi approved setting the support price of wheat at Rs.3000 per maund and vowed that this increase will give the farmers full compensation for their hard work and that the area under cultivation of wheat will also be increased next year. Parvez Elahi also ordered measures to stop the smuggling of wheat and flour and said that strict monitoring of the exit routes of the province should be ensured. He noted that the prices of wheat and flour are low in Punjab compared to other provinces. The food department, together with the DPOs and deputy commissioners of the respective districts, should tighten the checking system at the exits, he added. He said indiscriminate action should be taken against the elements involved in the smuggling of wheat. The Punjab government has also decided to constitute a cabinet standing committee for wheat under the chief minister. Provincial Ministers Sardar Mohsin Leghari, Sardar Hasnain Bahadur Dreshak, Chief Secretary Kamran Afzal, secretaries of food, agriculture, and finance departments, former BoP president Hamish Khan, and director of food attended the meeting.

Pakistan Covid’s Cases increase continuously 

Desk Report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan reported fewer than 100 Covid-19 cases, the first time in nearly three months as the country lodged almost 99 fresh infections in past 24 hours, media reported on Tuesday, quoting the National Institute of Health (NIH). According to the statistics issued by the National Institute of Health (NIH), as many as 9,161 Covid-19 diagnostic tests were conducted during the past 24 hours, out of which 99 came back positive. The number of critical patients has also dropped to 89 while one death was reported after two days. The last time Pakistan reported fewer than 100 cases was on June 17, 2022.


IHC gives Islamabad IG one day to recover missing person 

Desk Report

Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court (HC) granted Islamabad Inspector General Akbar Nasir Khan a day to find missing person Haseeb Hamza on Tuesday. IHC Chief Justice Athar Minallah heard the petition for the missing person's recovery and summoned the IG at 2 p.m. According to the petitioner's lawyer, his son was picked up from their family residence on August 22. He went on to say that they wrote an application to the police to register a FIR, but they did not do so. He added that the police claimed Haseeb was with the agencies. Following a brief recess in the proceedings, IG Islamabad, Akbar Nasir Khan, appeared in court and informed the IHC that a FIR had been filed in the case. According to Chief Justice Athar Minallah stated that the absence of a citizen from the court's jurisdiction was "intolerable." He insisted that all sector commanders and chief commissioners assist in the search for the missing man. The CJ warned that if the missing person was not found, action would be taken against everyone, ordering the IG and the chief commissioner to appear in court at 10 a.m. tomorrow (on Wednesday). “If the citizen is not recovered, then the sector commander of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau, and Special Branch should appear in the IHC,” Justice Minallah maintained. He also told IG Khan that he had the "best [intelligence] agency" on his side, and that if they failed to find the missing person, the court would take action against them as well.


I have passed my Matriculation Examination Roll No. 439409 Year 2018 and Intermediate Year 2020 under Roll No. 156686 from Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Gujranwala. My correct Father’s name is Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Khan, while Zia-ul-Haq is written on the documents, which is wrong. I want to correct it with Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Khan. If any person or other organization objects, then within 15 days. Contact Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Gujranwala Mahrukh Zia daughter of Muhammad Ziaul Haq Khan resident of Mangat Nicha Tehsil and District Hafizabad.

Court Notice

In the Court of Muhammad Amar Sultan Kalachi Civil Judge Gujrat Title: Muhammad Nasir Versus Parvez Akhtar etc. Notice to: 1. Parvez Akhtar, 2. Yasir, 3. Amjad Sons of Rukhsana Bibi alias Rani daughter of Muhammad Ali Residents of Mohallah Amin Abad Street No.5, Sargodha Road Gujrat City. Suit for Specific Performance. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendants are not served in ordinary way. It is therefore proclaimed under order 5 rule 20 CPC that if the said defendants will not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court at 8 AM on 10-10-2022, otherwise case will be decided ex party.

Court Notice

In the Court of Muhammad Amar Sultan Kalachi Civil Judge Gujrat Title: Peoples of Village Keeranwala Shamali Through Chaudhary Ijaz Ahmed etc. Versus Syed Ashiq Hussain Shah etc. Notice to: 6. Qadeer Ahmed Shah, 7. Saeed Ahmed Shah, 11. Zaheer Ahmed Shah Sons of Ashiq Hussain Shah Caste Syed Residents of Keeranwala Shamali Tehsil & District Gujrat Suit for Declaration. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendants are not served in ordinary way. It is therefore proclaimed under order 5 rule 20 CPC that if the said defendants will not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court at 8 AM on 19-09-2022, otherwise case will be decided ex party.

Court Notice

In the Court of Muhammad Amar Sultan Kalachi Civil Judge Gujrat Title: Muhammad Sadiq Versus Naseem Kousar etc. Notice to: 2B. Shamas Parvez, 2C. Sadaqat Sons of Mehboob Ahmed, 3. Irshad Ullah S/O Muhammad Yousaf Residents of Bhakoki Tehsil & District Gujrat Suit for Divided of Houses. Whereas in the above mentioned case it has been proved to the satisfaction of the court that the above mentioned defendants are not served in ordinary way. It is therefore proclaimed under order 5 rule 20 CPC that if the said defendants will not appear personally or through a duly authorized agent or pleader in court at 8 AM on 14-09-2022, otherwise case will be decided ex party. Court Reporter Gujrat

2000 police personnel to guard Chehlum procession 

ISLAMABAD: September 13, 2022: Islamabad Police have finalized the security arrangements for procession in connection with Chehlum of Imam Hussain (RA) The procession would be taken out with religious fervour and devotion. A Police Public Relation Officer said that as many as 2000 policemen would be deployed on the occasion. Under the security arrangements, no one would be allowed to stand on rooftops of commercial and residential buildings situated along the procession route. Following the directions of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan and Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Sohail Zafar Chatha, all zonal SPs, SDPOs, SHOs and other police officials will visit the routes of procession and ensure effective coordination among the security personnel performing duty. Police officials will guide the cops and boost their morale in accomplishing duties in a responsible manner. Special checking of the routes would be carried out before the start of the procession, whereas the mourners would be checked with metal detectors and walk-through gates installed at the entry points. A meeting presided over by the Senior-Superintendent of Police (Operations) Malik Jameel Zafar was held to review the security arrangements which was participated by all zonal SPs, SDPOs, SHOs and other officials. Speaking on the occasion, SSP Operations said that heavy contingents of Islamabad police and Rangers besides personnel of other law enforcement agencies will perform patrolling and security duties on this occasion. The main procession would be taken out from Imambargah Asna-e-Ashri sector G-6/2 and will be completely cordoned off through heavy deployment. He said that police officers including SPs will also visit various police posts, lying in the route of procession, check security duties and brief cops on how to ensure effective security. The streets and redundant tracks will be closed through barbed wires while proper lighting arrangements would be made along the route of the procession. SSP said that the procession will be monitored through safe city cameras, smart cars, surveillance and drone cameras and DIG (Safe City) would supervise all this process. Policemen would be deployed at rooftops of buildings while snipers would also take positions at various buildings. The staff of bomb disposal squad would also conduct complete search of the procession’s route through robots and other modern technology. Special arrangements will be made by the Special Branch for checking of participants and walk-through gates will be installed at all the entry points of Majalis. Metal detectors will be used for checking of participants of Majalis, processions and high vigilance will be maintained by the police officials which will help in peaceful holding of all events. SSP Operations has directed all officers that this procession is very important and sensitive and each officer would take its responsibility for foolproof security.

Italy eyes €6 billion bilateral trade potential with Pakistan 

ISLAMABAD: Dr. Roberto Neccia, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the Republic of Italy said that the bilateral trade of €1.5 billion between Italy and Pakistan was much below the actual potential of both countries and both should work for improving their two way trade to at least €5-6 billion per annum as they have the potential to achieve this target. He said this while addressing the business community during his visit to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Dr. Roberto Neccia said that a trade section was being opened in the Italian Embassy and hoped that it would give a jump to bilateral ties between the two countries. He said that the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry contributed positively for trade and floated the idea of a Pakistan-Italy Chamber of Commerce & Industry to strengthen networking and business linkages between the private sectors of both countries. He said that Italy has 5 million family owned SMEs and close cooperation between the SMEs two countries would be helpful in sharing experiences and promoting bilateral business relations. He lauded the contribution of the Pakistani community in Italy and said that they could act as a bridge for improving trade ties. He said that Italy would support Pakistan for renewal of the EU's GSP plus concession. He said that Pakistan should send sector-specific trade missions to Italy to explore untapped areas of mutual cooperation and assured that his embassy would provide all possible facilitation to the Pakistani business community in promoting business relations with Italy.Speaking at the occasion, Muhammad Shakeel Munir, President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that Pakistan considers Italy an important country for trade and economic relations as both countries have good potential to cooperate with each other in many areas. He said that Italy has advanced technology & machinery, therefore, close cooperation with Italy is beneficial for Pakistan to improve its economy. He said that Pakistan has a lot of reserves of marble & granite and import of latest marble machinery from Italy can help us to produce value-added marble products and increase their exports. He said that Pakistan can import industrial & agricultural machinery from Italy while Italy can import many products from Pakistan including raw materials, textiles, surgical instruments, marble products, pharmaceuticals, leather products, sports goods and more. He stressed that both countries should encourage regular exchange of trade delegations to explore all potential areas of bilateral trade promotion. Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh Senior Vice President and Muhammad Faheem Khan Vice President ICCI said that ICCI is planning a trade delegation for Italy and hoped that it would help in exploring new areas of business collaborations with Italian counterparts. Engr. Azhar ul Islam, Ch. Muhammad Ali, Javed Iqbal, Saeed Khan, Raja Hassan Akhtar, Ch. Ashraf Farzand, Ch. Javed Iqbal, Hamayun Kabir, Shahbaz Majeed, Faseeh ullah Khan, Khalid Mehmood, Raja Imtiaz, Ms. Parveen Khan and others also spoke at the occasion and gave useful suggestions to improve trade and economic ties between Pakistan and Italy.

The Punjab government leaves the ban on Ad Hoc doctor appointments 

By Staf Reporter

LAHORE: The Punjab government on Tuesday allowed the health department to make ad hoc appointments of doctors and paramedics to meet the acute shortage of health officials in public health facilities across the province. Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi lifted the ban on ad-hoc appointments of doctors and nurses after the health departments forwarded a summary in this regard. According to the notification, both the health departments—Specialized Healthcare and Primary Health—are allowed to fill the vacant posts of doctors and paramedics on an ad-hoc basis. A day earlier, the Punjab government decided to add more hospitals to the panel for the provisio n of standard health treatment to people with Sehat Insaf Cards.

Road and power supply restoration in flood-affected areas continues 

ISLAMABAD: On the special orders of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the restoration of roads and power supply in flood-affected areas across the country is underway. According to details, the authorities concerned were carrying out restoration of road and power infrastructure in the flood-affected areas on an emergency basis. PM Shehbaz Sharif was personally monitoring the restoration work while reports were being presented to him on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the National Highway Authority (NHA) has restored the M-8 section of the motorway from Gwadar to Rato Dero after clearing landslides at Wangu Hille. A spokesperson of the National Highway Authority said the M8 section of the motorway was opened for one-way traffic to facilitate the people of Khuzdar, Gwadar,Awaran, and Rato Dero. The Timergara-Bajaur transmission line has been repaired, and routine operations at the Bajaur and Munda Grid Stations have been restored.

The owner of a swimming pool has been arrested for the rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl 

By Staf Reporter

Lahore: The Punjab police on Tuesday arrested the owner of a local swimming pool for raping and murdering a 10-year-old girl and then staging that the girl drowned in the pool, ARY News reported. The Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) of Lahore, Ghulam Mehmood Dogar, said that the swimming pool owner raped and murdered the girl and then threw her body into the pool. The pool’s owner had claimed that the girl drowned in the pool while swimming, he added. The CCPO added that the 10-year-old girl had gone to the pool with her brother and sister. The pool owner, Ali Raza, lured her with biscuits and took the girl to the back of the canteen situated near the pool, where he raped and killed her, he added. Dogar added that the girl’s siblings inquired about their sister, at which point the owner told them that she had gone home. Later on, he threw the girl’s body into the swimming pool and tried to stage that the girl drowned in the pool by accident, he added. Also Read: Lahore: Girl, 10, allegedly raped, murdered in private swimming pool. The police conducted DNA and polygraph tests of 11 people, including the pool owner, to conclude that it was the pool owner who raped and murdered the girl, the CCPO said. The 10-year-old was raped and murdered in a private swimming pool in Lahore’s Sharifpura area, in the vicinity of Manawan police station.

Workers’ remittances up by 7.9% to $2.7 bn in August 

ISLAMABAD: The overseas workers’ remittances recorded an inflow of US$2.7 billion during August 2022, posting an increase of 7.9% when compared to the previous month’s inflow of $2.53 billion. On year-on-year basis, the remittances also witnessed an increase of 1.5% when compared to the inflow of $2.68 billion recorded in August 2021. On average, the remittances posted 3.2% decline during first two months of current fiscal year as the remittances fell from $5.42 billion in July-August (2021-22) to $5.25 billion in same period of the current fiscal year. According to data released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) on Tuesday, remittances’ inflows during August 2022 were mainly sourced from Saudi Arabia ($691.8 million), United Arab Emirates ($531.4 million), United Kingdom ($369.7 million) and the United States of America ($294.4 million)

One of the most serious dengue outbreaks is on the way

By Staf Reporter

Rawalpindi: The confirmation of another 99 positive dengue fever patients from Islamabad Capital Territory and Rawalpindi district in the last 24 hours brings the total number of confirmed patients from the twin cities to 1,542, while the sharp increase in the number of dengue fever cases reported suggests that one of the region's most severe outbreaks of the infection is on the way. In the last 24 hours, as many as 55 patients were tested positive for dengue fever in ICT, bringing the total to 668, three of whom died of the infection, while another 44 patients from Rawalpindi district were confirmed positive for the infection, bringing the total to 874, one of whom died of the fever and two of whom were receiving treatment at allied hospitals in critical condition on Monday. On Monday, 178 dengue fever patients, both confirmed and suspected, were being treated at three allied hospitals in town, including Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital, and District Headquarters Hospital. The allied hospitals have already begun to bear an unusually large number of dengue fever patients. The peak season for dengue fever transmission has just begun in this region of the country, and the current weather conditions are ideal for mosquito breeding and the growth of larvae of 'aedes aegypti' the vector that causes dengue fever. Health experts believe it is past time for people to take more precautions if they want to avoid a massive outbreak of the infection in the coming weeks. If government officials fail to control dengue fever spread as they have in the past, the situation will become much more dangerous in a week or so. In almost all dengue fever outbreaks, it was the drop in temperature in the first week of December, not the authorities' efforts, that brought the outbreak to an end.

The PHC sends a notice to the ECP to postpone the Charsadda by-elections

By Staf Reporter

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Tuesday issued a notice to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), demanding an answer for the postponement of the September 25 by-polls. The court has ordered the ECP to submit response latest by September 16, 2022. According to details, the applicant argued in court that the ECP postponed the polls citing disturbances caused by floods in the country. However, it is pertinent to hold a by-poll on any seat within 60 days of its vacancy, he added. Moreover, the applicant argued that the situation in the Charsadda district is normal, people have returned to their homes. PDM candidate Aimal Wali Khan had turned to court against the postponement of the by-polls on NA-24 Charsadda. However, the ECP announced to hold the postponed by-polls on four national and Punjab assemblies’ constituencies on October 09. The commission announced that polling in NA-157 Multan, PP-139 Sheikhupura, PP-241 Bahawalnagar, and PP-209 Khanewal will be held on October 09.

Organized first annual "Kataab Mela" at Aghosh College, Murree

Alkhidmat Foundation is running state-of-the-art Aghosh Homes for the welfare of orphans. Azam Khan Principal, Alkhidmat Aghosh College, Murree

By Staf Reporter

Rawalpindi: The 1st Annual "Book Fair" was organised at Aghosh College, Murree. This fair was inaugurated by Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Khokhar (a world-famous writer) and Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui (a famous poet, writer, and acquaintance of Iqbal) along with Principal Aghosh College Murree. On this occasion, children bought books of their choice from the stall, and the books were also presented to others as gifts. The management is grateful to Zafar Waheed (Orbit International) for his assistance in organising this useful and important activity. The well-known poet Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui, who came to Aghosh College, Murree, highly appreciated the poetry of the student Usman Khan Swati and gave valuable suggestions and said that, God willing, Usman Khan Swati will become a great poet in the future. On the occasion, Azam Khan, Principal, Aghosh College, Murree, said that Alkhidmat Foundation is running state-of-the-art Aghosh Homes for the welfare of orphans. He added that, no doubt, orphans are the most neglected section of our society, but this neglect and deprivation can be eliminated if the state, public, civil society, media, and non-governmental organisations work together to improve the situation.

Rotary Club of Islamabad (Metropolitan) donates donations

Islamabad: The Rotary Club of Islamabad (Metropolitan) donated two truckloads of quilts, beddings, floor mats, clothes, shoes, and Medicens worth half a million to flood victims. The goods were handed over to the Station Commander Nowshera KPK. Imran Ghaznavi, President of the Rotary Club of Islamabad, commended and highly appreciated the Station Commander, his team including Executive Officer, Vice President of Nowshera Cantt Board, and district management for their unwavering efforts in providing relief activities to flood victims.

Seven drug peddlers, bootleggers held; drugs, liquor recovered

By Staf Reporter

RAWALPINDI: Rawalpindi police in an action against suspected drug peddlers and bootleggers on Tuesday arrested seven accused besides recovering 1250 grams charras and 29 liters liquor from their possession.A police spokesperson said that Sadiqabad, Murree, Kotli Sattian, and Kahuta police arrested Abdul Rafih, Junaid, Hussain, Gulfam Ashraf, Hafeez, Aurangzaib and Talat on recovery of 1250 grams charras and 29 liters liquor.

OIC states need to change attitude, adopt new technologies to achieve success, urges Dr. Alvi

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Those who are ahead in OIC states come forward and provide leadership for changing attitude towards the adaptation of new technologies to achieve success in all spheres of life, said the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi while addressing the inaugural session of “Youth Forum on Biotechnology” organized by COMSTECH in collaboration with Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, Turkiye and Islamic Organization for Food Security, Kazakhstan. Dr. Alvi said that biotechnology is a landmark development, without this technology the green revolution could not have been possible. He said we need to develop intellect and evolve new ideas. He said that the scientific instruments guide the humanity to Find the truth. The President mentioned that new technologies like gene therapy and CRISPR techniques help the humanity to make tailor made specific changes in the genome to develop new traits of any living being. The President mentioned many examples from the past like human body dissection and the printing press innovation and said we adopted these technologies many centuries late which is the reason of our lacking behind from the advanced world. Dr. Alvi urged the young scientists to work hard and come up with novel and innovative ethical and moral solutions for the humanity and quick adoption of the new technologies for the rapid growth of the developing world. He asked COMSTECH to take the lead in the prompt adaptation of emerging technologies in OIC region. Coordinator General COMSTECH, Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary welcomed the participants of the forum. He said that this forum is significant to address the challenge of food security. He urged the need of the introduction and use of new technologies and better management to tackle the issue of food security faced by OIC states. He said that agricultural biotechnology will help in producing enough food to feed the hunger. Director IOFS, Dr. Ismail Abdel Hamid said that the biotechnology is critical for the human development and achieving food security. He said that this forum will help us to explore new avenues, generate novel ideas and methodologies to understand the biotechnology and its use to address the issue of food security. Dr. Hamid presented a brief review of IOFS program and projects. CEO of Young Business Hub, Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, Mr. Sami Serdar, expressed solidarity, condolences and prayers for the recent flood victims in Pakistan. He said today we are here for youth that want a big change for the better future. He said technologies are playing an important role for the betterment of human life and biotechnology is playing important role in our daily life to address the global issues. Mr. Serdar suggested a united effort with solid continued commitment. The inaugural session was attended by the Ambassadors/Diplomats of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Palestine, Somalia, Qatar, Iraq, and Uzbekistan. This three-day forum is being attended by more than 170 national and international in-person participants, whereas many people are attending this forum from 35 OIC member states online. More than 30 local and international scholars will give lectures during this forum.

Imam-e-Ka'aba Abdul Rahman al-Sudais urges assistance for flood victims


MAKKAH: Imam-e-Ka'aba Abdul Rahman al-Sudais has urged a response to the national campaign for the relief of the brotherly Pakistani people and called for extending a helping hand and benevolence to them to overcome the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the devastating floods. In a message on Twitter, he said that donations for flood victims in Pakistan can be submitted on the King Salman Relief's website Sahem: https://sahem.ksrelief.org/Pages/ProgramD We consider Pakistanis to be religious brothers. We have long-standing ties to it, he said, pleading with Saudi citizens and visitors to ensure aiding flood victims. He claimed that the Saudi government had consistently aided Muslim nations in need. The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, on the other hand, started a public campaign in Saudi Arabia to raise money for individuals impacted by Pakistan's disastrous floods. According to Saudi Press Agency, donations can be made through the "Sahem" platform run by KSRelief. Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah, the supervisor general of KSRelief, claimed that the organisation was in charge of the campaign to aid flood victims in Pakistan.

Ministry of Maritime Affairs gives the PM's Flood Relief Fund Rs 10 million 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister's Office said on Tuesday that the workers and employees of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs had contributed Rs 10 million to the flood relief fund. To aid the government's relief and recovery efforts in the flood-affected districts, Maritime Affairs Minister Syed Faisal Sabzwari gave Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif a check for Rs. 10 million.

‘Only mentioned COAS appointments based on merit’

Announces to give protest call this month

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has clarified that he did not talk about the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s extension but urged to maintain merit and defer the appointment of the army chief until fresh elections. In an interview with a private news channel yesterday, Imran Khan explained a prior comment he had made regarding the selection of the new army chief. Today, Khan stated to journalists, "I have always preached about merit. I have previously stated that the army chief should be chosen based on merit, but Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari are ineligible to ratify such a crucial appointment. The military is the only institution in the nation that is immune to politics and where appointments are not made on a political basis, the former prime minister continued. Instead, merit is given priority. When asked if he has connections to the ruling class, Imran responded that if they support Pakistan's interests, then I do too since I advocate for Pakistan's development. Imran Khan has issued a warning that if his demand for fast elections is not met, he will make a call for rallies later in September. If new elections are not held right once, he threatened to call on his supporters to organise nationwide protests. He stated again that postponements of elections were unacceptable. He remarked that significant portions of Pakistan must have their flood waters drain in order to further elucidate his remarks on the elections. In addition, he said he would be ready to wait until elections were postponed until floodwaters had subsided.

ISLAMABAD: Convener National Parliamentary Taskforce on SDG’s MS. Romina Khurshid Alam Chairing the session of 3rd IPU Seminar.

Sanjrani requests IPU's backing to include the flooding in Pakistan

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani has proposed to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) to include Pakistan's recent crisis situation arising out of the devastating floods as emergency agenda item in the upcoming plenary of the IPU which is scheduled to be held in Kigali, Rwanda in the month of October this year. On September 12, 2022, the Chairman Senate formally sent a letter to the President of the IPU stating that Pakistan highly values the role of the IPU as a conduit of multilateral parliamentary interactions and that it is time to step up and provide Pakistan with relief assistance while also developing a mechanism to compensate the least responsible parties who are currently bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change. The Chairman Senate stressed to the IPU President during a recent meeting that as the largest organisation, IPU should play a role. He also suggested creating a working group on climate change with participation from all of the member states. The IPU President had agreed to the proposal and also promised to include Pakistan's recent situation as emergency item in the Kigali plenary. The Senate Chairman also called the IPU President's attention to the recent flood, which resulted in 33 million people being affected, created enormous agony for 1400 people, submerged a third of the nation, destroyed 1.2 million homes, and claimed 1400 lives. Pakistan has also suffered economic damages totaling more than $10 billion. He also issued a warning over the impact of climate change. Climate change is currently reversing the process of human development by several decades, according to Chairman Senate, who said in his letter that "the human suffering as a result is apparent and un-parallel." According to him, among the most vulnerable individuals in the world to the escalating effects of climate change are 200 million people. The need to translate this cooperation into significant humanitarian assistance given in the wake of natural disasters or calamities, he said, cannot be overstated, particularly in light of the role played by regional and international inter parliamentary organisations in the areas of security, stability, and sustainable development. In order to gain support for adding the current flood catastrophe in Pakistan to the emergency agenda item at the upcoming IPU plenary, the Chairman Senate is also sending his official letters to the brotherly countries and IPU member states.

Kotli University meeting presided over by AJ&K President

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry presided over a meeting of the Senate of Kotli University on September 1 at the President's Kashmir House. On this occasion, the members of the Senate, Vice Chancellor University of Kotli Professor Dr. Syed Dilnawaz Ahmad Gurdizi, former Chief Justice Azad Jammu and Kashmir High Court Justice Azhar Saleem Babar, Vice-Chancellor Mirpur University of Science and Technology Brigadier Retired Professor Dr. Muhammad Younis Javed, Secretary Presidential Affairs Dr. Syed Asif Hussain, Former Vice-Chancellor University of Swabi Professor Dr. Noor Jahan, Representative Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Mohammad Raza Chauhan, Professor Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Sajid University of Kotli and Secretary Higher Education Khalid Mehmood Mirza and others were also present. On this occasion, a panel of three names was finalized for the appointment of the Vice Chancellor of Kotli University in the Senate meeting, out of which President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry as the Chancellor of the University of Kotli Act 2014 Section 11(1) and 11(4) Exercising the powers granted under In this regard, the Department of Services and General Administration has issued a formal notification for the appointment of Professor Dr. Rahmat Ali as the Vice Chancellor of Kotli University.

Mushroom growth of illegal societies in Rawalpindi continues unabated

RDA a mere spectator as illegal societies deprive citizens of billions of rupees

By Fahad Altaf

RAWALPINDI: Authorities have become mere spectators as the mushroom growth of societies in Rawalpindi continues unabated with citizens losing billions of rupees in these illegal projects. The real estate sector has become of the most profitable sectors in Pakistan for developers as the sector continues to function with little adherence to regulations thanks to the lax attitude of the relevant authorities. Numerous illegal housing societies within the limits of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) are currently raking in billions of rupees as city managers turn a blind eye to the issue. The tehsil of Gujar Khan in the Rawalpindi district has seen the emergence of a number of such illegal societies. Two societies in particular namely New Metro City Gujar Khan and Prism Town Gujar Khan. According to sources, both the societies in question are yet to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. However, despite this, both societies are carrying out massive advertisement campaigns. Advertisement hoardings of both societies can be seen all over the twin cities. Both illegal societies are also advertising their projects on digital media and even electronic and print media. In these advertisements, the societies claim to have all regulatory approvals to attract the general public. A RDA official told the scribe that the authority has sent a notice to New Metro City Gujar Khan to immediately halt its advertisement campaign as they are fraudulent and misleading and claim to have regulatory approvals, which is not true. The case of Prism Town is no different, the society is now tyrying to withdrawn its file that it has submitted to the RDA for issuance of RDA. The society now claims in its advertisements that it has approval from Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency. However, the name of the society is not on the list of approved societies on the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency website. Some sources say that the efforts were made to obtain a NOC from RDA for the society through an influential person in the Chief Minister House, Punjab. But later the request for NOC is now shifted to PHATA and now efforts are made to withdraw NOC file Submitted before by Prism Town RDA Chairman when asked to comment on the matter said that the society doesn’t fall within the limits of RDA and declined to comment on the matter any further. However, when Director General RDA was approached to comment on the matter, he said that he doesn’t have the required details and asked for a time of two days to respond.

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