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There are now 50,265 cases pending with the judiciary, down from 54,134: CJP Umar Bandial

"Biased" description of SCBA's involvement in the Punjab chief minister election case

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court Bar Association's (SCBA) involvement in the Punjab chief minister election issue was described as "biassed" by Pakistan's Chief Justice Justice Umar Ata Bandial on Monday. On the eve of the start of the new judicial year, CJP Justice Umar Ata Bandial addressed a full court reference and brought up the Punjab CM election issue, which received criticism from political parties. According to the CJP, the federation demanded a full court bench, which was against the law, and the SBCA's function was also "biassed." Pervez Elahi was appointed as the new chief minister of the province in July after the Supreme Court declared Mir Dost Muhammad Mazari, a former deputy speaker of the Punjab Assembly, to have made a "illegal" decision. The highest court's bar association backed the government's demands, which had been made by the ruling coalition, that the case be heard by the entire bench. The chief judge stated that despite the political parties' vehement opposition to the decision of the former deputy speaker of Punjab, Mir Dost Muhammad Mazari, being overturned, patience was displayed. "We are aware that the country is through a tremendous economic situation, but the law is equal for everybody," CJP Bandial continued. The Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) questioned whether the federal government's answer respected the judiciary in reference to the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) meeting where the body had rejected Bandial's nominees for judges of high courts to be appointed to the Supreme Court. He claimed that at the meeting of the judicial commission, the federal government had responded to the chief minister of Punjab case. According to CJP Bandial, there were issues with the delivery of affordable and prompt justice, a backlog of cases, and the use of suo motu power when he took office. The CJP highlighted the accomplishments by stating that there were 50,265 fewer cases pending with the judiciary than there were 54,134. "The distinguished justices forwent their annual holidays and rendered decisions in 6,458 cases in a brief span from June to September." He asked the SCBA to help the court, highlighting the importance of new appointments to the highest levels of the judiciary. In reference to swift justice, the CJP said that he had taken note of the decision made by the then-NA deputy speaker Qasim Khan Suri, deemed it illegal after a five-day hearing, and announced the sentence within three days after consulting with other justices. Following the political events in March 2022, the apex court received a significant number of cases, he noted.

ISLAMABAD: Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy Admiral Tan Sri Mohd Reza bin Mohd Sany called on Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi at Naval Headquarters.

PM emphasizes importance of international community's assistance in overcoming flood losses

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif emphasised that Pakistan could not bear the full burden of the losses caused by the recent floods on its own and that the cooperation of the international community was crucial. These opinions were shared by the prime minister during a meeting with Nicolas Galey, the French ambassador to Pakistan. The severe destruction brought on by the recent floods in Pakistan was emphasised by the prime minister, along with the government's efforts to address the critical situation. The prime minister claimed that despite making a small contribution to climate change, Pakistan was one of the countries most susceptible to its destruction, as evidenced by the most recent floods. In this regard, he thanked the French president for his country's sympathy with the flood victims, as well as for sending a relief flight with tents, water pumps, and a medical team for the flood victims. He emphasised that in addition to providing immediate help, France could support the government's efforts during the era of restoration and reconstruction. The prime minister emphasised the significance France's long-standing cooperative relations with Pakistan held for Pakistan, both bilaterally and within the framework of the European Union. He added that Pakistan was dedicated to further deepening its relations with France in all areas of shared interest on a bilateral level. He hoped the ambassador will work to improve the two countries' ties and look into potential new areas of collaboration, such as IT, start-ups, agriculture, water management, and energy. The prime minister expressed Pakistan's eagerness for further dialogue with France to advance their mutually beneficial relations. Meanwhile, Former Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani on Monday met on Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and discussed the concerns pertaining to overall situation in the country. During the discussion, they mainly talked about the current rescue, relief and rehabilitation activities in the flood-affected areas of the country. Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs Sardar Ayaz Sadiq were also present at the meeting.

PAF rescue & recovery efforts are intensifying in flood-affected areas

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: In the wake of recent flash floods that produced catastrophic conditions across the nation, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) is giving its full support to the rescue and rehabilitation efforts in the flood-affected areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Balochistan, Sindh, and South Punjab. According to a PAF news release, the transport fleet and helicopters of the PAF were also critical in ensuring the safe evacuation of flood victims and airborne drops of life-saving food and medical supplies. In order to lessen the pain of flood victims, PAF medical teams were working around-the-clock to give constant medical support at Flood Relief Camps. In the past 24 hours, the PAF Emergency Response Teams have given the needy families 22,785 cooked food packs, 250 water bottles, and 1,380 ration packs filled with essential food items.

NA Speaker for bringing Pakistan's impacts of climate change to light

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, speaker of the National Assembly, advocated on Monday that the subject of Pakistan's vulnerability to the effects of climate change must be raised at all international fora. According to a news release, the speaker shared these opinions with IPU President and Member of Parliament Duarte Pacheco during their meeting. The speaker welcomed the president to the National Assembly of Pakistan and expressed gratitude for the IPU's assistance in planning the third regional seminar on achieving sustainable development goals for the Asia Pacific region. He emphasised during the conversation that Pakistan was currently experiencing the worst climate crisis in its history. Unimaginable destruction resulted from the acute climate collapse. He stressed that although Pakistan did not contribute to the emissions, it was one of the nations most negatively impacted by the excessive carbon emissions from affluent nations. The Speaker asked that the problem of Pakistan's vulnerability to the effects of climate change be raised in all international fora. The National Assembly requested that the matter be treated as an emergency item at the upcoming IPU meeting, which will be place in Rwanda in October 2022. Because it affects the entire world, climate change requires international cooperation and support to be adequately addressed. The Speaker further emphasised that the population's rehabilitation and recovery from the floods was currently the foremost task. He insisted upon the President that the IPU should support Pakistan in overcoming the humongous challenge of resumption of normal life in flood-torn areas. He emphasized that Pakistan was coping with the calamity but it would be not possible to undo the damage without the resounding backing of world parliaments. The IPU President lauded the efforts extended by the Speaker to the millions of distressed and distraught people of Pakistan in the wake of massive torrential rains and super floods.

Ssachi Baat

Exclusive conversation with Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon's in Sachi Baat program 

By Staff reporter

ISLAMABAD: Editor in chief Pakistan group of news paper and chairman Roze news SK Niazi while talking in Sachi Baat said that there are many illegal societies in Islamabad no body ios taking responsbility of thouse societies which become cause multi problems. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon said that we have banned 14 illegal societies in Islamabad. The housing societies which were banned have challenged the ban, says Irfan Nawaz Memon. Ban Kashkar societies have no bases: Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon he added further that The housing societies which have been banned are illegal. The housing societies which are banned have taken stay order, DC Islamabad. A seniority list of all cooperative societies has been requested, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. We have the NOCs of the existing co-operative societies, Irfan Nawaz Memon. Plots of housing societies must be drawn further he added Transaction of housing societies without LOP will be stopped, Irfan Nawaz Memon. If private land is with CDA, it is wrong, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. SK Niazi asked that polio cases have occurred in Islamabad. Polio samples are taken from two places in Islamabad: DC Islamabad Samples are taken from Islamabad in the month of June, Irfan Nawaz Memon. Polio samples have come negative in Islamabad, Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon. Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon has tested positive for one case in the vegetable market. Sk Niazi raised the question of the bad administration of CDA waste is everywhere but CDA is not playing a significant role to make Islamabad neat and clean. CDA collects waste from the vegetable market, Irfan Nawaz Memon. Irfan Nawaz Memon is working to eliminate the encroachments on the road. The vegetable market will be on a footpath instead of the road, Irfan Nawaz Memon. Irfan Nawaz Memon, the magistrate will give the regular duty to control the price in the market a lot of shopkeepers who sell items without official rates: SK Niazi. There is no doubt that there is inflation in the country, Irfan Nawaz Memon. Action will be taken against the shopkeepers who sell items without official rates. A total of 20 magistrates are working in Islamabad, Deputy Commissioner added that we are trying to improve the administrative staff. A total of 650 dengue cases have been reported in Islamabad, Irfan Nawaz Memon. Regular spraying is done in dengue-affected areas, Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon. They are following WHO's SOPs regarding the prevention of dengue virus, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad. Dengue virus is produced by stagnant water, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad.

Faizan Global Relief Foundation's delegation Calls on CM Punjab 

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE: The delegation of Faizan Global Relief Foundation (FGRF) headed by Haji Abdul Habib Attari, a member of the Central Majlis Shura of Dawat-e-Islami, met with Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhry Parvez Elahi at his office on Monday and briefed him about the philanthropic work. The CM appreciated the services of FGRF related to welfare works and assured his full support. The CM presented a gift of framed Ayat and Hadith about the Finality of Prophethood (PBUH) and a discussion was held about the rehabilitation measures for the flood victims in south Punjab. Both agreed to work jointly on the expedited rehabilitation of the affectees and a joint committee was formed regarding cooperation for the resettlement of flood victims. Speaking to the delegation, Parvez Elahi said that the flood victims will be housed and houses will be constructed with the support of FGRF. The resettlement of flood victims will be ensured with the joint coordination of the Punjab government and FGRF, he added. The flood victims will be given financial assistance of Rs.4 lakh for the construction of their damaged concrete houses, while financial assistance of Rs.2 lakh will be given for the construction of damaged houses; he stated and noted that FGRF has been active in welfare works. The Punjab government and FGRF will work together for the rehabilitation of the flood victims, the CM remarked. Medical teams have been formed to prevent epidemics in the affected areas, he mentioned. The aid must reach the right beneficiaries. The passion for serving the affectees is admirable. The government will continue to do whatever is possible for the flood victims; the CM said and reiterated that the government will ensure the transparent use of the donations. Haji Yafoor Raza Attari, supervisor of Lahore division; director coordination department of Dawat-e-Islami Punjab Muhammad Liaqat Attari, FGRF supervisor Lahore division Haji Muhammad Afzal Attari, Hanif Memon, FGRF Karachi Muhammad Adil Attari, Dawat-e-Islami Karachi's Muhammad Imran Ghigi, Irfan Attari and others were included in the delegation. Rasikh Elahi, Hafiz Ammar Yasir MPA, chairman of Madina Foundation Mian Muhammad Hanif and former BoP president Hamish Khan were also present.

President Turkish Red Crescent provides aid to Sindh flood victims 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, Dr. Kerem KINIK, the President of the Turkish Red Crescent Society (TRCS), and Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, the Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), toured Sindh's flood-affected areas and provided hygiene kits and food packs to flood victims in District Sujawal. This important visit occurs as Turkey continues its extensive humanitarian efforts to support Pakistan's needs, with 12 plane shipments already arriving and four more on their way. A news release states that 500 hygiene kits and 500 food packs (50 kg) were given to struggling families in the Sujawal district by a delegation from the Pakistan Red Crescent and the Turkish Red Crescent. More relief supplies, including 500 hygiene kits, 500 food packs, and 250 tents, will also be provided to more than 7500 eligible individuals in Dadu District and other flood-affected areas of Sindh. The Turkish Red Crescent President, Dr. Kerem KINIK, expressed his sympathies to the families of those who lost loved ones in Pakistan's terrible floods. According to Dr. KINIK, the Turkish Red Crescent will continue to work closely with the Pakistani Red Crescent to provide the flood victims with the most support possible. The flood-affected communities of Balochistan have received relief supplies, including food, cash support, and non-food items like tents, hygiene kits, jerrycans, mosquito nets, blankets, mattresses, etc., according to President TRCS. He said that as part of ongoing relief efforts, more humanitarian goods and supplies would be gradually provided to Sindh. He was appreciative of the efforts made by the Pakistan Red Crescent's Sindh branch when visiting a free medical camp in Sujawal. According to President Dr. KNIK, the Turkish Red Crescent will soon set up free medical clinics to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of roughly 6,000 people. The chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent, Sardar Shahid Ahmad Laghari, hailed the Turkish Red Crescent for its excellent assistance and noted that Turkey has always helped Pakistan in times of need. He claimed that more than 33 million people in Pakistan have been impacted by floods, and many of them have been forced to leave their homes after having their animals murdered, their crops destroyed, and their homes destroyed. As a result, they are now experiencing health issues.

Samsung presents a check for Rs 18 million to the Pakistan-based Alkhidmat Foundation in support of flood victims

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE: Samsung, a well-known manufacturer of electronics, has stepped forward to help those impacted by the recent flooding and heavy rains by giving Rs 18 million to the Alkhidmat Foundation. This sum will be used for the setup of water filtration systems, mobile clinics, medical supplies, surgical equipment, tents, and ration distribution to flood victims. A Samsung delegation paid a visit to the Alkhidmat Complex and presented the monetary support check to representatives of the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan. On this occasion, the president of the Alkhidmat Foundation Central Punjab, Ikramul Haq Subhani, Rana Usman Wadood, and Samsung Company office holders were also present. The delegation from Samsung claimed that the present flood tragedy has shaken the entire country and expressed appreciation for the assistance provided by the Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan at this time. They added that Samsung would remain working with the Alkhidmat Foundation going forward to help flood victims in Balochistan, Sindh, and South Punjab. Ikramul Haq Subhani stated that on this occasion, philanthropists, ordinary Pakistanis, and now organisations like Samsung are showing their complete confidence in the Alkhidmat Foundation for aiding flood victims and joyfully taking part in the assistance drive.

LHC rejects GCU students' request for a fee waiver 

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court has decided on a plea that the GCU students who were affected by the floods sought to have their admission fee waived. The vice chancellor of the institution received the case from the court. A petition submitted by student Aqsa Bibi of Government College University in Lahore and others was heard by LHC Justice Sajid Mehmood Sethi on Monday. On behalf of the petitioners, Rafiq A. Sheikh, an advocate, appeared before the court. He informed the court that the petitioners, who were from the South Punjab flood-affected areas, had enrolled at GCU for their academic studies. The petitioners' homes were destroyed in the recent floods, and the university administration is requiring them to pay an entry fee.

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Shahid Ramzan Ex Marketing Director Ehsan Ghani Ex Marketing Manager had been working in FRIZPY advertising working branch 26A PTCL building ABACK Block New Garden Town Lahore but now they have left FRIZPY advertising company. From now on we, Shahid Ramzan and Ehsan Ghani will not be liable for any act and dealings of this FRIZPY advertising company, person dealing with this company will be responsible himself.

Miftah discussed economic and flood situation with Governor Punjab 

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE: Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail called on Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman at Governor House Lahore today. During the meeting, the economic conditions of the country and the flood situation were discussed. Governor of Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman emphasised that helping and rehabilitating the flood victims should be given top priority. According to him, the federal, provincial, and all other government agencies are working together to assist and rehabilitate flood victims. The Punjab Governor said that in his capacity as Chancellor of all public and private universities, he had enlisted the help of the Vice Chancellors, faculty members, and students to help flood victims. He added that Red Crescent volunteers and university vice chancellors are travelling to flood-stricken areas to assist with relief efforts, and that the University of Health Sciences has also sent medical teams to the afflicted districts. According to Governor Punjab, the federal cabinet and government in Pakistan are working to give the populace the most relief possible. In this challenging situation, he remarked, we must offer the nation hope rather than sow dismay. When asked about the economy, he replied that although things are still bad, there are signs of improvement and stability in other sectors. On this occasion, Federal Finance Minister Miftah Ismail stated that tough choices have to be made in order to keep the nation from going bankrupt and added that actions are being taken to make things better. He claimed that the latest floods have intensified economic pressure. He claimed that the government's wise policies are the reason the economy of the nation is moving in the correct direction. In order to support the local tractor sector, he further stated that the import of tractor auto components would be made easier.

Win and lose is part of game: khurram tony

By Our Correspondent

CHAKWAL : Afaq Foundation Chairman Khurram Abbasi has said that winning and losing is part of the game, but the manner in which the people of Chakwal have come together to watch the match on the big screen in Allied Park has proved that the people of Chakwal are madly in love with cricket. And due to the opportunity given to the people to be happy in the current situation of the country and the flood disasters, we will show every major cricket match live on the big screen to the people from wherever it happened. He was talking to the journalists at the end of the Pak Sri Lanka Asia Cup final match. In the match, thousands of people kept warm with slogans of Takbir Allahu Akbar, Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Cricket Team Zindabad, but in the end due to the defeat, the people of Chakwal were also very disappointed. On this occasion, Chakwal Chamber of Commerce founder Qazi Muhammad Akbar, former president Shehzad Saadat, Khawaja Arif Yusuf, Ghulam Mustafa, Chairman Chakwal Press Club Khawaja Babar Saleem Mehmood, senior journalist Raja Iftikhara Hamad, Zafar Abbasi of Abbasi Medical Complex, Mubashir Farooqui of Honda Company were also present on this occasion. Khurram Abbasi Tony said that Pakistan was certainly the favorite but due to some shortcomings, negligence and carelessness, Pakistan did not get success. He said that however Pakistan cricket team consists of young and talented players, God willing, they will show great performance in the World Cup competitions and all the major World Cup competitions will be shown live in Australia on the big screen in Chakwal.

Two more cuts administered in Dadu canal to save it from inundation 

By Our Correspondent

DADU: The authorities made two further cuts in the city canal on Monday to redirect the floodwater that was pouring quickly toward the city and save Dadu. With the tools needed to apply the cuts, the assistant commissioner arrived at the canal. He said that the city had mostly been rescued as a result of these breaches. He said that the river received a diversion of floodwater flow. Meanwhile, the Ring embankment of Dadu saw a 500-foot break, flooding 250 communities. Families numbering in the hundreds have begun leaving their homes. More than 20 villages, including Allah Bachhayo hamlet in Umar Kot, were flooded due to a second rupture in the Juma canal. Crops were damaged by the river stream. On Sunday, two kids in the village of Meed Shaheed in the tehsil Warah of the Qambar district drowned in floodwater.

KARACHI: Counselor of the U.S. Department of State Derek Chollet and a delegation of senior U.S. government officials meet with senior government officials, civil society members, and private sector leaders to commemorate 75 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Pakistan.

KP government asks Center for medications for flood-affected districts

By Our Correspondent

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has asked the federal government for medications for the province's flood-affected areas. Details indicate that the National Institute of Health (NIH) has received a letter from the KP's Health Department requesting vaccines and medications for 20 flood-affected districts. According to sources, the KP administration has requested typhoid vaccines, oral rehydration salts, and vaccines for snake and dog bites (ORS). According to sources, the province administration has requested more than 0.6 million typhoid vaccines, 6,710 vaccines for snake bites, 54,550 vaccines for dog bites, and more than 1.1 million ORS packets. It is important to note that recent floods brought on by heavy rains cost the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) healthcare sector Rs2.93 billion in losses. According to information, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's primary healthcare system has been seriously impacted by the flash floods. An assessment survey highlighted the losses to KP's healthcare system. The provincial administration has reportedly received the District Health Officers' (DHOs') report on flood damage. According to the report, the province's healthcare system lost $2.93 billion. Prior to this, it was claimed that the monsoon rains that caused the floods in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province resulted in as many as 292 fatalities and 351 injuries.

Resolution to dismiss Ramiz Raja due to poor performance filed in PA

By Our Correspondent

LAHORE: Ramiz Raja should be removed as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), according to a motion that the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) tabled to the Punjab Assembly on Monday. Sadia Taimoor, a member of the opposition, introduced the resolution in the House. It was claimed in the resolution's language that Ramiz Raja is currently unable to lead a national organisation like PCB. The shocking loss of Pakistan in the Asia Cup has devastated the entire country. The resolution demanded that the PCB chairman be fired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. The resolution noted that the national cricket team had a major lack of strategy, training, and management, all of which were noticed quite substantially.

RAWALPINDI: DC Rawalpindi Tahir Farooq is reviewing work on street construction projects in Girja road, Chak Jalal-ud-din.

IHC dismisses hearing on Shahbaz Gill's post-capture bail request till Sept. 14 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Monday concluded the meeting on a post-capture bail request of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) pioneers Shahbaz Gill in the rebellion case till September 15 on the solicitation of unique investigator. Exceptional Investigator Raja Rizwan Abbasi showed up under the steady gaze of the court. "I came to realize that the case was booked for hearing on September 14. Yet, late evening, I figured out that the case was planned for hearing today," he embraced under the steady gaze of the court. "Give me some time for readiness," he begged the court which then dismissed the consultation on the bail request in the dissidence case till September 14. IHC Boss Equity Athar Minallah heard the case.

Orange Line offers assistance to South Punjab flood victims 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: One of the most severely affected cities in the Rajanpur district of South Punjab during the current ongoing floods crisis is Jampur. In the spirit of further fostering brotherly relations between China and Pakistan, a group of 20 employees and volunteers from the Orange Line Metro Train project stepped forward to distribute life-sustaining necessities among the flood victims of Jampur. For people who have been severely impacted by the floods, specifically prepared donation packages with a combined value of two million rupees comprised ready-to-eat food items, hygiene goods, raw grocery items, and financial support. Floodwaters also overcame the Chak Shaheed drain's protective dyke, flooding the village's environs and isolating off its 2,500 residents from the rest of the region. The Rajanpur district's Rojhan and Jampur tehsils experienced major losses as a result of the recent monsoon rains, making it challenging for rescue teams to access the afflicted areas and driving millions of people to flee their homes in need of refuge and aid.

Three awards won by Haniya Minhas at the Little Mo Internationals in 2022 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The 12-year-old tennis prodigy from Pakistan, Haniya Minhas, won the Girl's 12 and under singles, doubles, and Mixed doubles events in the just-completed Little Mo Internationals in New York. Haniya defeated Juliana Castellanos Trujillo in the girl's singles match 6-1, 6-1 in straight sets. She then paired up with Juliana for the Girl's 12 doubles, where they defeated Janita Files and Nella Glowacka with a final score of 8-3. Ishaan Yadlapalli and Elizabeth Sabaev were defeated by Thomas O'Neill and Haniya in the Mixed Doubles final by a score of 8-5. "These trophies mean a lot and I want to continue playing to the best of my abilities," said Haniya. The "Little Mo" Tournaments are significant star-launching competitions. Maureen Connolly, the first woman to win a Grand Slam and the winner of nine major singles championships, inspired the appellation Little Mo. She was a top player in her era and the first player in history to win a title without dropping a set at all four major tournaments. Abdul Razak Dawood, the founder of the BARD Foundation, who has been Haniya's sponsor since she was nine years old, expressed his happiness at this accomplishment by saying, "Haniya's enthusiasm, passion, and discipline will one day make her a world-class tennis player. I'm delighted at this young talent. Pakistan has a star in the making." Haniya is now receiving financial support from the Bilquis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation in order to attend the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, USA. "These trophies mean a lot and I want to continue playing to the best of my abilities," said Haniya. The goal of the Foundation is to encourage the growth of young, bright Pakistanis in all spheres of endeavour, enabling them to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact. Haniya is the highest-ranked tennis player from Pakistan in the 14 years and under age group at the Asian Tennis Championships for both boys and girls. In the past eight months, she has won eight gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. Haniya additionally took up a Bronze in the IMG Future-Stars in Greece in 2021.

IGP, DG Rangersfigure out joint activity plan for Capital's security 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: On Monday, the Director General (DG) Pakistan Rangers, Major General Mohammad Gaddafi, and Inspector General Police (IGP) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan resolved to create a cooperative action plan to enhance security in the federal capital. In a discussion, the two officers examined a range of security measures for the twin towns of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They praised the Islamabad Capital Police and Pakistan Rangers for their contributions to creating law and order and preserving peace in the city and committed to further enhance cooperation between the two law enforcement organisations.

Dengue cases ascend across Pakistan in midst of floods 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's major cities experienced a substantial increase in dengue infections. In the previous 24 hours, 62 patients in Lahore received a dengue diagnosis, while 55 new cases were reported in Islamabad and 113 cases were confirmed by the Karachi Health Department. While Covid infections decreased in Punjab and other regions of Pakistan, dengue cases began to rise quickly there as well. With 62 more new cases reported and 152 dengue patients receiving treatment at the city's hospitals, the dengue genie is out of control in Lahore. However, during the anti-dengue campaign, 1,686 dengue larvae were found in various locations and immediately destroyed. Medical authorities have advised people to use insect repellent lotion and wear full-sleeved shirts to protect themselves from dengue mosquitoes. In the previous 24 hours, 55 new dengue patients were admitted to the hospitals in Islamabad. DHO Zaeem Zia said that 19 persons from urban regions and 36 people from rural areas both have dengue. 424 dengue patients in rural areas and 244 in urban areas made up the total. With the most recent number, the city's season total is at 668. It is to be mentioned here that three deaths have also been reported due to dengue. Different water-borne and vector-borne diseases are spreading throughout Karachi as a result of the flooding in Sindh. Since 113 new dengue cases have appeared in several public and private hospitals in Karachi in the previous 24 hours, the situation there is quite concerning.

3-Day ICCI Property, Housing and Construction Expo 22 came to successful conclusion 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The second iteration of the three-day "ICCI Property, Housing and Construction Expo 22" has come to a successful conclusion after drawing significant crowds and yielding excellent results for the exhibitors. At the Pak-China Friendship Center, the Expo was held from September 9–11, 2022, when about 100 exhibitors set up their booths to highlight the potential of their projects. The kids' arena, which continued to be the main attraction for visitors, was one of many additions to this year's Expo, along with a furniture pavilion, food court, and other amenities. All related industries, such as those producing steel, cement, marble, sanitary ware, electrical work, paints, hardware, ceramic tiles & various items, solar energy systems, wood flooring, kitchen accessories, etc also participated in the Expo and increased the brand exposure of their high quality products. Numerous dignitaries visited the Expo on its final day, including Senator Seemee Ezdi, Tariq Mehmood Murtaza, the chairman of the Rawalpindi Development Authority, H.E. Atadjan Movlamov, the ambassador of Turkmenistan and dean of the diplomatic corps, and his wife. During the Grand Awards Night that followed the Expo, prizes were presented to the exhibitors. The closing ceremony's chief guest was Muhammad Shakeel Munir, president of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He gave out prizes to the participants.Muhammad Shakeel Munir, who spoke at the event, stated that the ICCI is actively trying to revive the economy and boost businessmen's and investors' trust. In order to examine the future road map for the economy, he said that as a first step, ICCI had convened an All Parties Conference for Revival of Economy that was widely attended by the major political parties. He claimed that holding the Expo was the second stage in reviving the economy, and it was a big success for the exhibitors because it attracted huge throngs of visitors to their booths. He gave praise and thanks to Allah SWT and his parents for helping him reach this goal.He expressed gratitude to the Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority and the Ministry of Housing & Works for their assistance of ICCI in the Expo. He also expressed his gratitude to Ch. Masood, convener of the ICCI Real Estate & Developers Committee, Jamshaid Akhtar Sheikh, senior vice president, Muhammad Faheem Khan, vice president, former presidents, the Executive Body, Sheikh Amir Waheed, convener of the Expo Committee, and their teams for helping to successfully organise the Expo. He also expressed gratitude to the exhibitors for their active involvement in the Expo and contribution to its great success. ICCI Property, Housing and Construction Expo will be made an annual event, and more features will be added to it to make it more appealing and successful for the exhibitors and visitors, according to Sheikh Amir Waheed, convener of the ICCI Expo Committee, Ch. Masood, convener of the ICCI Real Estate & Developers Committee, Muhammad Naveed Malik, a former SVP of ICCI, and others who also spoke at the occasion.

Interbank trade, the dollar is merciless toward the rupee reaches Rs230

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Even though the government has a Staff Level Agreement with the IMF and has already received the first tranche of $1.166 billion from the international lender, the US dollar has maintained its upward trend in interbank trading and increased by Rs1.82 versus the local currency. The Pakistani Rupee has been seeing little relief from the American dollar, which reached Rs230.80 on Monday. The US dollar's closing price last week was Rs228.18. On Thursday of previous week, the dollar increased by Rs4 across two sessions. Despite receiving $1.1 billion from the IMF, the price of the dollar has sharply increased, endangering the government's efforts to stabilise the volatile exchange rate. However, as the rupee first recovered and then proceeded to lose value versus the dollar, the restart of IMF financing did offer a brief reprieve. The State Bank of Pakistan reported receiving $1.166 billion from the IMF during the week ending September 2. The SBP reported that after accounting for external debt and other payments, its reserves rose by $1.103 billion to $8.799 billion.

Rickety Rupee-Dollar Parity Must Be Addressed: Irfan Iqbal Sheikh

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The government and the State Bank of Pakistan should immediately take notice that the Pak Rupee has entered into yet another depreciation cycle and that there is no sign of an end in sight to the falling spree as it has fallen for the seventh session in a row as of Monday, according to Mr. Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, President of the FPCCI. When the value of the currency begins to decline, Mr. Irfan Iqbal Sheikh remarked, all contractual commitments of manufacturers and commercial importers enter a zone of uncertainty. He informed that in just the last week's final five sessions, the rupee's value had fallen by 4%. He wondered that why the government is adamant on taking no action over this clearly anti-people, anti-business, anti-exports and anti-growth phenomenon. The FPCCI Chief informed that speculative trading, rumours of more rupee depreciation, and the week's execution of SBP policy tools are to blame for the widening of the gap between inter-bank and open market to PKR. 8–10. He has also pressed the government for an explanation of how and why it will be able to control the new inflationary pressures, which now appear to be unavoidable. Mr. Irfan Iqbal Sheikh argued that it is an open truth that commercial banks participate in speculative dollar trading and make unanticipated gains. He has called for SBP to exercise stricter oversight over the commercial banks, and it needs to act right away. The FPCCI President emphasised that the business, industry, and trade communities in Pakistan were all optimistic that the value of the rupee would stabilise after the extended finance facility (EFF) agreement with the IMF is finalised and the combined tranche of the 7th and 8th reviews, or $1.17 billion, is disbursed. Nevertheless, the rupee has not yet steadied despite the aforementioned disbursement.

Zameen.com brings together Pakistani real estate players at Pakistan Property Show in Dubai 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: To learn about significant investment potential in the Pakistani real estate industry, huge crowds gathered at the fourth Pakistan Property Show over the weekend at the World Trade Center in Dubai. More than 200 of Pakistan's best and most reliable big property developments were displayed by more than 60 exhibitors. The two-day event, which was organised by Zameen.com, Pakistan's largest real estate company, drew a record-breaking 20,000 attendees. The 4 million Pakistanis living abroad in the Gulf region who are interested in real estate developments are the main focus of the annual event. Important dignitaries attended the occasion, including eminent Pakistani journalists and H.E. Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, director general of the Dubai Land Department. Mr. Zeeshan Ali Khan, CEO of Zameen.com, Mr. Ahmed Bhatti, Country Head, EMPG, and members of Zameen's senior management. "It was a great honour to open the Pakistan Property Show," said H.E. Sultan Butti Bin Mejren, Director General of the Dubai Land Department, during the ceremony. Dubai is proud of its multiethnic and multireligious population, especially the sizable Pakistani expat population that has contributed to the growth of the emirate as a centre for commerce, real estate, and tourism. In the Gulf, Zameen.com is a pioneer in the organisation of such interactive events. Mr. Zeeshan Ali Khan, CEO of Zameen.com, commented on the Property Show's enormous success, saying: "Once again, the Pakistan Property Show in Dubai was a big success. A great interest in discovering the ideal investment opportunity in Pakistan's real estate industry may be seen in the more than 20,000 attendance. We have attracted more than 60 exhibitors to Dubai who are showcasing the best investment prospects at the present on the extremely ripe Pakistani real estate market. Popular TV anchors Syed Shafaat Ali and Shiffa Yousafzai hosted an important panel discussion during the two-day event. The panellists' discussion of "Why real estate remains the finest investment in Pakistan" gave attendees and online viewers crucial information about the state of the real estate market now and its prospects for the future. The CEO of Zameen.com, Zeeshan Ali Khan, and notable media figures Waseem Badami and Muhammad Maalik spoke on the panel. Pakistan Property Show's main goal was to give Pakistanis living abroad direct access to some of their home countries' best and most promising real estate projects.

Alvi emphasises the necessity for crop insurance scheme to safeguard farmers from crop failure

Asserts that priority should be given to implementing comprehensive measures to mitigate the negative effects of climate change

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi has emphasised the need for an approachable crop insurance system to safeguard farmers against crop failure and damages they may suffer as a result of man-made or natural disasters, particularly in light of the recent global warming-related catastrophic floods in Pakistan. In order to rescue the nation's agriculture industry, he continued, comprehensive steps to mitigate the negative effects of climate change should be undertaken as soon as possible. These comments were made by President Dr. Arif Alvi on Monday at Aiwan-e-Sadr as he was presiding over a meeting about crop insurance. Senior executives from insurance companies as well as Senator Dr. Sania Nishtar, Punjab's Minister of Agriculture Syed Hussain Jahania Gardezi, and the Federal Insurance Ombudsman, Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel, were present at the meeting. The President urged the insurance sector to launch a thorough, nationwide dialogue and discussion programme that would include all interested parties through seminars and workshops. A comprehensive market-based and technologically advanced self-sustainable crop insurance policy should be developed, he continued, using the best practises and successful crop insurance models of regional and international countries as benchmarks. According to him, relationships with the nation's agricultural institutions should be expanded in order to host seminars and workshops, carry out pertinent in-depth research, and assist insurance stakeholders in basing their policies and products on reliable research and authentic databases. The President requested that when offering their insurance products, the insurance industry and other stakeholders pay special attention to the 93% of Pakistani farmers who possessed land holdings of 12.5 acres or less. According to him, the welfare and well-being of the farmers should be guaranteed, and their contributions should be connected to crop input or output depending on what is thought acceptable. He added that the State Bank of Pakistan may suggest that banks boost their portfolio of agricultural loans that are primarily aimed at subsistence farmers with land holdings of 12.5 acres or less in order to encourage farmers to voluntarily choose crop insurance. In order to encourage farmers to voluntarily choose crop insurance and to protect them from crop failure and crop destruction during man-made or natural calamities, the President advised all stakeholders, including banks, insurance companies, the federal and provincial governments, to launch an awareness campaign by holding seminars, workshops, fairs, and road shows in the target areas.

"Imported govt," made up of criminals & their supporter, reached new level: Imran Khan 

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister, on Monday questioned Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on the PTI's media ban. In a series of tweets, Imran Khan posed the following question to Shahbaz Sharif: "Are you, out of PTI-fear, accountable for media gags on us, threats and violence against journalists, and fake cases against them, forcing blackouts of PTI and myself from TV and YouTube, and the callous act of trying to blackout my flood relief telethon?" The PTI chairman questioned, "If you are not responsible for violating our constitutional rights and international commitments on freedom of press and speech, then it is your responsibility to inform the nation who is responsible for these actions. We know your cabal of crooks and handlers are terrified of PTI popularity. Imran Khan claimed that by suspending the broadcast of the PTI's flood fund-raising telethon held last night, the "imported government" made up of criminals and their supporters had degraded to a new level. He further claimed that the government had threatened the cable operators. "This shows how much they fear our rising national popularity, and they also know that no one is willing to trust them with money because of their lengthy history of theft. So, to attack me and my party, they sought to block the route of collecting donations for the flood victims," the politician stated. Imran Khan continued, "I want to thank everyone who pledged including our abroad Pakistanis especially those residing in the United States. Despite all this, we managed to gather Rs 5.2 billion in just 2 hours.

ATC Judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan extended Imran's bail in the terror case till Sept 20

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and a former prime minister, requested a pre-arrest bail extension on Monday, and the Islamabad anti-terrorism court (ATC) granted it. Khan was charged with terrorism after allegedly threatening Zeba Chaudhry, an additional sessions judge, at a public rally on August 20. Imran Khan has been ordered by the court to make a second appearance in court on September 20 at 2:00 PM. Imran Khan was charged with violating the Anti-Terrorism Act (ACT) after he threatened to kill an extra sessions judge and high-ranking members of the Islamabad Police during a rally speech. The party had asked the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to give transit bail to Khan till August 25, but the court told him to go to an ATC because it was a matter involving terrorism. At a gathering in F-9 Park, Imran Khan allegedly threatened police personnel and the judiciary with violence in order to "terrorise" them, according to the FIR filed against him.

Sh Rashid predicts PDM will crumble before polls

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: Sheikh Rashid Ahmad, the leader of the Pakistan Awami League and a former interior minister, predicted that the PDM will fall before the elections. Sh Rashid stated in his tweets from Monday: "Miftah's tears won't help the economy. The UN speech is a pretext. The visit's true purpose is to induce Nawaz Sharif. Before the elections, "N" and "S" politics will diverge, and the PDM will disintegrate. Wheat, cotton, and sugarcane crops cannot be planted if the floodwater is not drained within two months. How would a farmer react in this situation? A food catastrophe will occur. "Forcing the poor to eat grass by setting the price of wheat between Rs 2,000 and Rs 4,000 per maund. Even before the winters, there is a gas shortage. The transparency of the donation towards the flood was guaranteed to the UN Secretary-General.

KARACHI: Counselor of the U.S. Department of State Derek Chollet and a delegation of senior U.S. government officials from the Department of State, Department of Defense, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the White House National Security Council visited Islamabad and Karachi September 7-9 to meet with senior government officials, civil society members, and private sector leaders to commemorate 75 years of diplomatic relations between the United States and Pakistan.

ECP decides to hold by-elections on October 9 for one NA and three PP seats

By Staff Reporter

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) resolved to hold by-elections for three seats in the Punjab Assembly and one National Assembly seat. Official sources state that Sikandar Sultan Raja, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), presided over a key ECP meeting at which the decision was made. The ECP resolved to hold by-elections in the NA-157 constituency of Multan and the PP-139 constituency of Sheikhupura on October 9, 2022, according to the specifics. The ECP also resolved to hold by-elections on October 9, 2022, in the PP 241 and PP-209 districts of Bahawalnagar and Khanewal, respectively. The Election Commission of Pakistan also called a meeting for September 14 to assess by-election results in nine National Assembly constituencies. In order to hold the elections that had previously been postponed due to flooding as soon as possible, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) also requested a report on the second round of local body elections in Sindh and the holding of elections at some polling stations in particular districts of Balochistan from the respective governments.

Only financial institution of the state is on the path of progress: President Bank AJ&K

By Our Correspondent

MUZAFFARABAD: Mr. Khawar Saeed, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has said that the only financial institution of the state is on the path of progress. The staff of the bank is working day and night with more dedication and zeal to achieve the fastest success and financial goals of the institution. He was interacting with senior executives while presiding over a meeting of the Management Committee at the bank's head office. The overall performance of the bank was reviewed in the meeting which was attended by all the divisional heads. He apprised the participants about the recent initiatives and said that the government is taking steps to develop the bank and make it among the leading banks. The bank's network is expanding and its total number of branches has increased to 80. The opening of new branches is benefiting a large population and providing banking facilities to the esteemed customers at their doorsteps while the bank continues to excel with further improvements in customer service and earn historic profitability. There has been a significant increase in deposits, assets and remittances. In the meeting, especially expressing deep concern and regret over the recent flood disasters, heartfelt sympathy and solidarity with the victims was expressed. On this occasion, "Flood Relief Fund 2022" was established for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims. In this regard, "BAJK Flood Relief Account 2022" has been opened at Main Branch Muzaffarabad. People are requested to deposit their donations in the form of cash and cheques.

‘It should be permitted for two patriotic young men from Garez Bandipura to settle in Azad Kashmir’

By Our Correspondent

MUZAFFARABAD: According to Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, the head of Hizbul Mujahideen and chairman of the United Jihad Council, the idea to hand over two innocent, patriotic young men to India would only serve to further the grievances of the Kashmiri people. Instead, they should be permitted to reside in Azad Kashmir. These opinions were presented in a statement released on Monday by Syed Salahuddin Ahmed, the chairman of the United Jihad Council. Noor Muhammad and Feroz Ahmed, residents of the occupied Garez Bandipura, have been imprisoned in the Central Jail in Gilgit since June 2020. They came here after crossing the deadly line, and since the State of Jammu and Kashmir is a unit on both sides of the line, doing so is a basic and constitutional right of every citizen, he continued. Syed Salahuddin said that those who crossed the Line of Control (LoC) to avoid Indian atrocities were exercising a fundamental right rather than engaging in an illegal crime. The leader of Hizbul Mujahideen continued, "The court's verdict also declared those youths innocent who had no connections to Indian intelligence agencies. Their imprisonment for the past two years was an act of tyranny and it was mandatory for the concerned authorities and institutions to make amends for the brutal act."

MUZAFFARABAD: Registrar of the Supreme Court of AJ&K Raja Rashid Naseem is giving a check for the money donated by the Supreme Court to the Prime Minister's Flood Relief Fund for the flood victims.

‘Electricity supply fully restored to all grid stations affected due to floods’

By Our Correspondent

PESHAWAR: Engineer Amir Muqam, the prime minister's advisor for political and public affairs as well as national heritage and culture, stated on Monday that all grid stations damaged by the disastrous floods had had their energy supply entirely restored. After presiding over a high-level meeting regarding flood damages to electricity infrastructure, such as grid stations, transmission lines, and polices, in addition to reconstruction efforts of the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO), he addressed a press conference here at WAPDA House and stated that the government's top priority was to provide relief to the flood-affected people and their rehabilitation. He said that the emergency power supply restoration to flood-affected districts had been ordered by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who had asked electricity division to repair the damaged grid stations. Engr. According to Amir Muqam, the repair effort was being directly supervised by the prime minister. According to the PM's advisor, recent floods severely damaged the country's electrical transmission system and swept away power poles in KP. In order to get through this challenging moment and the predicament that people are in as a result of floods across the nation, he emphasised the importance of teamwork.

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