Ebad for patience and tolerance to get out of crisis

KARACHI (INP): Former Interior Minister Rehman Malik met Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad here on Monday and exchanged views on the prevailing political situation in the country.


Rehman Malik also informed the Governor about his meetings with several political leaders. He appreciated the role of the Governor in the given situation to cool down the tempers. Rehman Malik said that Governor Sindh’s is given due respect by all the political personalities. The Governor said that the political forces would have to demonstrate patience and tolerance to get our of the crisis.

In related development on foreign level, as the PTI chief Imran Khan has called for widespread civil disobedience in Pakistan, urging supporters to stop paying taxes and utility bills in a bid to oust the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Analysts say Imran Khan is pushing himself into an increasingly desperate corner, with no obvious exit, Wall Street Journal in a report said on Monday.


The newspaper said the party had been praised in the past for introducing new ideas into Pakistani politics, but it is now drawing criticism for what some see as a grab for power.

“There’s no logical outcome to what Imran Khan is doing,” said Babar Sattar, a lawyer and newspaper columnist. “This has seriously undermined PTI’s credibility as a serious party, a party capable of taking Pakistan to safer shores.”


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