Dyke breached to save Multan city

Flash flood of Chenab drifts towards Head Panjnad

MULTAN, Sept 12 (INP): The ferocious floodwaters of River Chenab have entered Multan after passing through Ahmedpur, Abdul Hakeem and Kabirwala on Friday. Moving downstream through Punjab, the torrent has wreaked havoc in the low-lying city areas as several people have been evacuated by District administration. In an effort to decrease the pressure of water at Head Mohammadwala, authorities have made two breaches at the Head MohammadWala Bridge to save Multan city.

Over 400,000 cusecs of water is passing through the dykes in Multan city and the flash floods have started to enter Muzaffargarh. Several villages alongside the River Chenab have been inundated.

ADC Focal Person District Flood Control Cell Ali Annan Qamar said that 25 relief camps were functioning to provide shelter, food and other facilities to the affected people. The district administration was providing food hampers and mineral water to the affected people.

After leaving a trail of devastation in upper and central Punjab, floodwater is passing through southern Punjab.

Over 10,000 people of flood-hit areas have taken refuge on the railway track between Multan’s Chenab Bridge and Muzaffargarh city and they are lying in the open without tents, food and water.

The huge torrents pose the serious most threat to the city of Multan and adjoining areas since the dykes at Head Muhammad Wala have been blown up. Consequently, Shujabad and Muzafargarh are also likely to be plagued by the flash floods.

According to authorities, the unprecedented flow is likely to drift towards Head Panjnad passing through Jalalpur and finally crossing into River Sindh. Near head Panjnad, the surrounding region consisting of Alipur, Uch Sharif and Mithankot would be inundated by heavy flows of water. Moreover the rest of the adjoining areas including Rajanpur, Khanpur, Rahimyar Khan and Sadiqabad would also be at the risk of being engulfed by the gushing flash floods.

Thereafter, the flood waters are expected to reach Gudu Barrage. While the upsurge sprees through Punjab, areas of Sindh including Mathelu, Gotki, Jacobabad, Panu Akil are also likely to be stormed by the high flood. Moreover, the floodwaters may also hit some areas of Larkana and Khairpur. From Khairpur, the heavy flow will pass through Mohenjo-daro, Nowshero Feroz, Dadu, Moro, Sehvan Sharif, Jamshoro, Nawabshah and Hyderabad and reach the Kotri Barrage from where it will fall into the Arabian Sea.

Meanwhile, army relief and rescue operations continue in flood hit areas in Jhang, Multan, Bahwalpur and Rahim Yar Khan.

Army troops have dropped 52.176 tons of rations through helicopters in flood hit areas of Jhang, Multan and Bahawalpur areas.

Since start of flood relief operation 29,295 people have been rescued by army troops through helicopters and boats

Three medical camps established in Jhang, Chiniot and Trimoo are providing medical treatment to the flood affectees.

Four mobile medical Units comprising of army doctors are providing medical treatment to flood affectees in Multan and Bahwalpur areas.



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