Dug up ditches serve as breeding places for dengue mosquito

ISLAMABAD (INP): A large network of dug up ditches across the Islamabad Highway to stop local masses from joining the Azadi and Inqialab marches of the PTI and PAT have now turned into breeding places for mosquitoes larvae including the much dreaded dengue mosquitoes after the accumulation of rainwater.

The water filled ditches can be seen on all the exit points of localities on both sides of the Highway right from Soan up to Rawat.

The district administration and law enforcement agencies of the Capital, pre-empting to frustrate the invading long marchers rushed to the localities on the outskirts of Islamabad with heavy machinery and left the areas with wide-yawning ditches.

Though these tactics proved fruitless but the authorities concerned with their apathetic approach failed to fill the muddy ditches, leaving residents at the mercy of post-Monsoon season and its consequences.

According to residents of various areas, these trenches now serve as ideal breeding places for various species of mosquitoes which usually swarm their localities with the fall of darkness.

“What the authorities wanted to achieve by creating nuisance for the locals! Placing containers and digging trenches cannot hinder the supporters of PTI and PAT from joining their marches,” Mubashar Alam, a resident of Khanna Pul, commented.

Last year, twin cities saw an alarming surge in dengue cases and if the situation persists for next couple of days, the deadly diseases including malaria and dengue could become endemic in these areas.


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