Duel in Islamabad and the catastrophes

Atif Iqbal


Freelance Journalist atif_iq@hotmail.com


Politics becomes a deception when leaders turn to personal agendas. The insidious effects of the political crimes are based on the perspective of mere thinking pattern. When one’s freedom becomes another’s tyranny, practicality of the events gets severely affected. The magnitude of corruption has become the manifestation of underdevelopment in Pakistan. It grows everyday, its effects get amplified and the only core resistance to this phenomenon is the lower and middle class. No politician faces the devastations that the common people suffer daily without a holiday. The duel in Islamabad will kill the common people only not by force but by manipulated strategy of political imbalance.


Majority of the people of Pakistan has become tired of following hollow statements and false promises. That is why their will to become a part of a force that commands change has been diminished. Masses are trying to make compromises and they are trying to adapt the worst their heads of state can throw at them. This constant pressure that is being built in the latency of the coming future has a limit. Till when this cycle can continue no one knows but mentioning is worth, that the continuation of this process will shake the foundations of this country. At that point nothing else will matter but the consequences of the evils of today.


Pakistan holds the most important strategic positioning in the globe in geographic and atmospheric characteristics. The tallest mountains, calmest sea ports, richest of soils and intellects of humanity are all enriched in this nation. It just needs to be discovered by the very inhabitants for themselves because the enemies already know. In a state where there is a constant threat from internal enemies and external enemies combined patriotism becomes essential and only way out of the whirlpool of annihilation. Pakistan cannot be diminished from the map it has to play many roles that would shape the future of the whole world. Having this much strength how come a few groups can be so much manipulative that the parliament would need weeks to make concluded decision.

The concept of the survival of the fittest is being practiced in the world from centuries. Strategic planning and tactical performance appraisals are becoming norms of our ancient enemies. The eye opening experience of the public should be sudden and at a full throttle that would remove any second opinion and the need to unity will be identified nationwide. If there is still a delay in the process there is a hint of the notion that Pakistan’s future will be further delayed and further losses will be carried by the shoulders of the working class of Pakistan.

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