Dubai authorities refuse to hand over Uzair Balouch to Pakistan

KARACHI: A team of federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Sindh Police and Pakistan Rangers Sindh could not succeed in getting custody of wanted Sardar Uzair Jan Balouch in Dubai for his shifting to Karachi under the administrative aegis of the Interpol.

The documents that the team had presented to the Dubai authorities proved ineffective to establish concrete evidence against Balouch for his expatriation under the Interpol toKarachi.

On the other hand, the visa conditions started compelling the Pakistani team to leaveDubai as the limit of their stay in Dubai according to Visa was over. A couple of team members had already returned to Pakistan.

The documents presented to the authorities in Dubai were claimed to lack due endorsement or attestation from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and hence the authorities inDubai had conveyed to the Pakistani team to furnish concrete evidences against Balouch to prove his involvement in criminal activities. The authorities in Dubai had also declared the documents thus presented to them were not sufficed for placing Balouch in Pakistani team’s custody.

Iran had also demanded UAE authorities to hand Balouch to Iranian government to investigate as how he availed Iranian passport, which he used for travelling to Abu Dhabiand other parts of the gulf countries. NNI

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