Drone strikes and unprovoked firing by Indians

For the past several years, Islamabad has fought an unrelenting war against terrorism planted on its soil. The war incurred huge costs in human life and resources in war on terror.

Pakistan being a frontline state in global war on terror is the only country that had rendered matchless sacrifices. Thousands of Pakistan’s armed forces, law enforcement agencies personnel and the innocent citizens have embraced martyrdom while fighting against the terrorists to make a world safer place to live. Unfortunately, the world community only keeps appreciating the sacrifices rendered by the Pakistanis by expressing the resolve not to leave Islamabad in hours of need. But when it comes to fulfill the promises made by the US, European countries and world community, each and every country failed miserably to live up to its words. Pakistan repeatedly asked the United States to stop drone attacks arguing that it is against the sovereignty of an independent country and creates more hates among the people against the US. In most of the drone attacks launched by the US, over thousands of civilians including women, children and elderly people have lost their lives. Islamabad kept raising voice on national as well international forum against the attacks but the Obama administration continued launching attacks till date. During the past 36 hours, US carried out three strikes killing at least 13 people in North Waziristan Agency where Pakistan Armed Forces have started Operation Zarb-e-Azab aimed at purging the areas from the local as well foreign terrorists who entered from neighbourng Afghanistan and after carrying out suicide attacks and other terrorists acts against the Pakistan Armed Forces and the civilians, return back to Afghanistan without any check from Afghanistan border forces or the US and its allied forces.

Islamabad had raised the issues with the US, NATO, ESAF as well Kabul administration either help in stopping the terrorists entering from Afghanistan’s borders or provide the much needed technology to Pakistan to put an end to infiltration. But so far none of its request has been honoured from either side. Instead US keep singing the old song “Do More”. What else the United States wants from Pakistan to do?

The issue of drone strikes has been raised in United Nations General Assemly session more than twice. Ban Koi Moon, the Secretary General, United Nations had acknowledge the Pakistan’s stance on such strikes by terming attacks violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, humanitarian law and against the established principles of international human rights. Islamabad has always denounced terrorism in all its forms besides condemning the acts of terrorism taking place in any part of the world. But the drone strikes in the backdrop of ongoing military operation in the areas; these drone strikes can not be justified. It would have negative impact and would provide golden chance to the terrorists to get the sympathies of tribesmen. Many peace-loving tribesmen fully supporting the armed forces in flushing out the terrorists from the areas, but when one of the loved ones who have nothing to do with these terrorists, falls prey to US drone strikes, he or they would definitely hate Americans and (God forbid) would have no option but to part their ways.

Our armed forces carrying out operation Zar-e-Azab successfully aimed at ridding not only the tribal areas of terrorists but also chasing them across the country with firm resolve to put an end to very menace that had caused irreparable loses to national economy and left thousands of peace-loving dead. The time has come to send a clear message to the US administration to stop drone strikes immediately and let our armed forces deal with the terrorists. If US and its allied countries can not help Pakistan then they should not create more trouble for the country. Pakistan is faced with multiple challenges. Country is fighting on western border with the terrirorists who are not only threat to Pakistan but also pose a danger to rest of the world. On eastern borders, India continued violating ceasefire. Since Oct 6 to date at least 10 civilians have lost their lives due to unprovoked firing by the Indian forces. The United Nations in particular and the rest of the world must take the violaltion of international law by the Indians seriously. It would also cause adverse effect on US too. US is ready to pull out its troops from Afghanistan and it definitely needs Pakistan’s help for safe exit. Washington can not remain a silent spectator to the development taking place at Pakistan’s eastern borders. If New Delhi continues violating the ceasefire at LoC then Islamabad would have no option but to shift a major part of its troops to eastern borders. It would make the US troops a soft and easy target for the Afghan Taliban who are well set to cause as much damages to the US forces as they could. The Obama administration has to take the matter seriously and stop drone strikes besides asking Indians not to underestimate Islamabad’s resolve when it comes to defend the motherland.


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