Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam returns from UN Mission

Served as Deputy Police Commissioner Operations at United Nation at Darfur for three year

ISLAMABAD, October 15: Dr Syed Kaleem Imam an exceptional officer of police service of Pakistan and former Inspector General of Police Islamabad having served as Deputy Police Commissioner Operations at United Nation African Hybrid mission at Darfur, Sudan finally returned after having served diligently for three years.

Dr Imam was appointed in UN mission for peace keeping at Darfur, Sudan in Oct 2011 where local populations mostly Furs/Zanghavas have been fighting against the state authorities for economic marginal marginalization and political autonomy. More than 2 million people have been displaced with thousand having died in the conflict between various Movements and Government forces.

Dr Imam subsequently took over as Police Commissioner in view of his excellent performance, professionalism and art to serve in diversity with integrity. He was supervising police strength of 3772 from 34 countries and 17 formed police units comprising of 2380 persons from 11 countries. He is one of few police officer of Pakistan who had the honor to head the international police force of United Nations.

He was generally involve in overseeing patrols in the regions, monitoring and mentoring local authorities, capacity building of law enforcers, initiating quick impact projects, reform and restructuring of police; beside engaging in humanitarian assistance, protection of civilian, ensuing safety in the areas of returns and political engagements.

During three years, there was gradual transformation in the region, with major cities showing noteworthy mark of economic and commercial activities, organizational growth in GOS offices, improvement in Humanitarian access, reduction in access denials beside GOS begun to respond to an extend positively on many accounts.

This is despite the fact that belligerency continues to haunt due to non-adherence of warring parties to DDPD, prevalence of regional and international politics, diffident and nonexistence of criminal justice system resulting in segments of population still being displaced and many areas in the region remaining inaccessible ensuing impunity.

Dr Imam returns with rich experience and fresh ideas. He is known generally as visionary leader who believes in team work, community policing blending integrity with professionalism. It is expected that his arrival will ultimately benefit his organization beside government of Pakistan who is expected to assign some challenging slot to the officer.

Talking to scribe, Dr Syed Kaleem Imam expressed gratitude to Government of Pakistan for being provided this opportunity to serve in United Nations. He appreciated United Nations leadership for all their support during the tenure and Government of Sudan for their cooperation and assistance.

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