Don’t have high expectations from Pakistan in World Cup, says Sethi

LAHORE: Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Executive Committee Najam Sethi acknowledged the Pakistan team’s humiliating defeats in the World Cup and said fans should not have high expectations from its performance in the tournament.

Sethi, who has maintained a silence during Pakistan’s dismal performance early in the tournament, was speaking to reporters at the venue of Lahore Literature Festival on Sunday.

The former chairman came to the team’s defence, and said that this was the same team which had won Pakistan many Twenty20 matches.

 Outlining reasons for the team’s loss, he said that the Pakistan team played less international matches than the other countries participating in the game’s biggest competition.

Sethi, however, was quick to add that the countrymen must not forget that most of the team’s regular bowlers were injured and the batsmen were not experienced either.

He went on to say: “This is only the second match that Pakistan has lost … in these circumstances, team needs support and not criticism.”

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