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Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Reham Khan have divorced with mutual consent after only 10 months of marriage. The PTI chairman and television anchor Reham Khan had tied the knot in a simple ceremony in January this year at Imran’s Bani Gala residence.

Rumours of the marriage falling apart had started months ago; however back then, Imran had strongly denied the rumours by tweeting ‘I am shocked at a TV channel making slanderous statement about my marriage. I strongly urge the media to desist from such baseless statements.’ News of the couples divorce stirred a fiery debate on social networking sites, with supporters and naysayers of both Imran and Reham posting their opinions.  In a highly commendable move Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asked party leaders to refrain from commenting on Imran Khan’s personal life.

Imran Khan in a series of tweets said that the divorce is painful for him, Reham and their families and requested everyone to respect their privacy. However, despite the request for privacy electronic media was buzzing with alleged ‘reasons’ of the couples divorce. Anchors, newscasters and correspondents jubilantly announced the news to the tune of bollywood songs and furnished even tiny details of what happened between the couple.

Hours long coverage was dedicated to the divorce of the PTI Chairman. The extended coverage could have been overlooked in normal circumstances but it was highly unfortunate considering that the country has just witnessed one of the most horrific earthquakes in history. With more than 300 dead, thousands injured and many other waiting for aid the issue was quickly put on the back burner. The manner in which the couples divorce was covered was itself controversial but completely forgetting the miseries of the earthquake affectees was highly disrespectful.

The distasteful extended coverage of Imran’s divorce also shows the apathy and indifference towards earthquake affectees.


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