Dirty politics equals dirty Islamabad

Atif Iqbal


The revolution and the freedom march have been sitting on the roads of Islamabad for the past week now. A very minute percentage of the marchers have the access to proper lavatories. Masses however use the ancient way of excretion, in the open air in front of our national assets at the constitution avenue. Is this the Islamabad people look up to? Many of the marchers may have seen the parliament, the prime minister house and the Supreme Court for the very first time. These places hold the most extreme forms of respect. It is these places that are being disrespected by the government and the oppositions which is a pitiful situation for every individual Pakistani.

Many people would be able to recognize that the current political situation of Pakistan is something anticipated by the new nations. Pakistan has been democratically achieved and it has been more than six decades that our politicians can’t even fulfill their tenure of the government without any hiccup or blame games. This must be stopped. The wastages on the Shahra-e-Dastoor are the proofs that we as a nation have not become educated enough. There are many international delegates that are watching these marches first hand. All our diplomatic endeavors will get belittled in front of the illegitimate acts on the heart of Islamabad.

This is the responsibility of every politician who believes they can or are running the country. Cleanliness is not something that can be thought of as something just a formality. Our firm belief is that cleanliness is half our religious duty. Then, can it be said that on these marches all the political giants have let gone of half of their religious duties? It is shameful, that still there is no counter action to clean up regarding these issues from the government and the Capital Development Authority. There must be accessible lavatories for the marchers, it is their basic need.

Further, if these wastages are not treated the viral infections produced from these will affect every one from the marchers to the politicians. The sickness will not see who is getting affected or not. It will be good for everyone that proper hygienic standards are maintained by the government through Capital Development Authority. If the government is using this situation as a strategy to suppress the marchers, than it must be highlighted as a silly act. It will be remembered how these times were departed in the past. Perhaps, these acts will not be repeated by our younger generations if our seniors are unable to see or do anything.

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