“Dire need to improve maternal, child health”

City PR pic Sep 17ISLAMABAD: Minister of state for National Health Services, Regulations and coordination Saira Afzal Tarrar has stressed dire need to improve maternal and child health indicators and suggested utilization of available data and research. She urged women specially of rural areas to turn to DHQ or any other Gynae Hospital for delivery .

She said this while addressing a seminar as chief guest ina seminar on Stillbirth tracking and reporting in health information systems here on Wednesday. Seminar was organized by care international in Pakistan.

Minister of state further said that womenof rural areas should not ask for delivery in their homes Saira Afzal Tarrar further elaborated tha Health is a priority for our nation. Now provinces have the in the driving seats to formulate scenario specific & need-based Health regulations, policies, strategies and plans. Health information systems are considered to be among the most effective mechanisms by which government at national & provincial level can monitor and plan to manage health care systems. In Pakistan, multiple provisions have been made to capture, record, and better direct public health sector policy, planning, and programming. Existing key health information recording systems include the National Health Management Information System (HMIS) established in 1992.She said  that the sensitivity, accuracy and quality of information directly contribute to monitoring, planning and evaluation of health services and programs. Civil society organizations and academia along with non-governmental development partners play an important role in strengthening of the system. Improved governance is a priority of our government and we welcome participatory approach. This is an important research on the system existing situation for which I commend the efforts of CARE and Research & Advocacy Fund.

Minister of state said that initiatives to assess quality of systems and services like this contribute significantly to improved governance and system strengthening. Still birth is a neglected priority and it is an important to understand its reasons, contributing factors so that we can work on improving the situation in our homeland by prioritized planning & actions.

On this occasion chairman standing committee of Senate for Health Syed Zafar Ali Shaah said that health of people especially of women is top most priority of our Government.

she says matter of factly
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