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Diplomatic success

Pakistan in recent months has done well to navigate unharmed through turbulent waters. The country has to deal with a multitude of challenges and concerns, the strong relations with China culminated in the form of China Pakistan Economic Corridor that would see Pakistan receive investment worth $46 billion over the coming years. Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan have also been somewhat tense in recent years but now relations have improved a great deal. Due to the friction in Middle East, Pakistan had to make some tough decisions with regards to participation in the Yemen crisis. Pakistan however decided to remain neutral in the crisis but pledged full support to Saudi Arabia if its territorial integrity is threatened in any way. There was talk that Pakistan is pivoting away from Saudi Arabia but that was unfounded, despite its neutral stance in the Yemen crisis Pakistan remains a close ally of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan’s biggest success in recent months, however, is the way it has preceded with respect to relations with India. The two nuclear armed states have enjoyed spells of normality, but India has always adopted an aggressive posture when it comes to relations with Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif have met on three occasions in the past six months. The terrorist attack in Pathankot could have resulted in tensions between the two countries but to there credit both countries have adopted a mature stance that can only be good for the regions future. Last but not least, Pakistan has once again treaded carefully with regards to participation in the 34-member military alliance.

Pakistan has done well to navigate unharmed through turbulent waters. 

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