‘Diplomatic staff of Muslim countries in Israel must be taken back’

ISLAMABAD: Researched based think tank MUSLIM Institute in collaboration of The World Muslim Congress organized a seminar on “Palestine Conflict: Obliteration of Human Rights”. Renowned national and international politicians, scholars, diplomats and luminaries participated in the seminar. Senator Raja Zafar ul Haq, Chairman PMLN said that recognition of Israel and diplomatic staff sent to it by Muslim world should be taken back. Israeli PM has openly shown his intentions that their offensives will not be stopped by anyone. Muslim leaders are silent on the issue of Palestine but general public throughout the world has demonstrated against Israeli barbarity even Jewish community is against it. We do not have effective Muslim leadership but youth is committed to show their support to Palestinians. International media is not showing real picture of Gaza due to pressure of Israel. A committee should be formed to raise funds for oppressed Palestinian people. Gen (R) Former COAS Pakistan Mirza Aslam Beg said that Israel has launched the most barbaric assault on Hamas of Gaza, who are besieged and isolated, yet are determined “to resist, endure and win”, as declared by their parliament. Israel has failed to destroy command and control system of Hamas and now it will come to peace talks. Inhuman act of punishing the innocent people, women and children has created the conditions of a holocaust, yet it could not break the will of the Ghazans to fight. Ambassador (R) Khalid Mehmood Chairman ISSI said that UNSC resolutions demand to Israel to leave occupied territories of Palestine which is the root cause of the issue. The Israeli aggression is against the Geneva Convention and in current conflict more than 2000 have been killed and infrastructure has been destroyed. The silence of Muslim world on this issue is not understandable and they are not playing their role. International community is also showing double standards and UNSC is also not playing its due role. Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahamd Ali said that issue of Palestine is more than a century old on which Iqbal and Quaid also raised their voice. Today Gaza represents an open air prison because of Israeli siege. On average there are living four people per square meter in Gaza which itself is a human crisis and more than that Israeli jets are bombing on such dense area. Many countries have condemned the Israeli barbarity and the boycott of Israel by South Africa and Latin American countries is appreciable. All the Muslim countries should unite and raise the voice on the issue and we should raise raise voice in our individual capacity as well. Mr Walid Abu Ali Ambassador of Palestine to Pakistan said that we want strong Pakistan to back up Palestine. There already is no geographical link between West Bank and Gaza, Israeli intentions are to separate Gaza from West Bank and even to remove Palestine from map. Palestine is struggling against Israeli brutality. Palestinians are being targeted by Israel but international community has doubly standards and they don’t support Palestine but support Israel when Israeli soldier is killed. Ambassador (R) Amir Anwar Shadani said that Israel is using latest warfare technology against Palestinians which is unacceptable. Attacks on Gaza are much deadly because it is much densly populated area. Israel in the pretext of crushing Hamas, is blindly killing civilians whereas Hamas believes on return of all the Palestinian refugees to their homes and has started freedom fight. It is infact a proxy war by Israel to dominate in Middle East. Senator Sehar Kamran said that 82% of people killed in Gaza are civilians and mainly women and children. World organizations instead of standing against Israeli aggression, are finding reasons to justify Israeli actions. OIC should be effective to get unified all the Muslim countries. Until Muslim world leaders will not sit on one table and collectively raise their voice, nobody will listen their voice. Sara Flounders Co-Director IAC, USA via video link said that Israel wants to divide Palestine in segments. USA should stop all US Aid to Israel. US financial support to Israel is main source of destabilizing Palestine and Middle Eastern region. US has internal policy to divide Muslim countries for resources and strategic interests and for the same Gaza is on fire. Pakistan has shown its solidarity with Palestine. Ambassador of Sudan to Pakistan, Mr. Elshafie M Ahmed said that that Israel has support from USA, EU, some Asian and Muslim countries. Muslims and non-Muslims. This is the time to wake up and get united for the sake of Gaza and Muslims and raise the voice which is only possible by following Islamic teachings. David Shoebridge Green member of New south wales parliament Australia speaking via Video Link said Australian people are supporting Palestinians. Gaza people are living in miserable condition and it is not a war but hitting of civilians in Gaza. Israel’s response is disproportionate and can’t be justified on any ground. International community must support UN inquiry for war crimes by Israel. High commissioner of Mauritius to Pakistan Mr Muhammad Rashed Daureeawo said that Jews are human beings but Zionists have extreme plans and they have manipulated media for it. We need leadership like Quaid-i-Azam in Pakistan. UN is unable to solve the issue of Palestine and its silence is unacceptable. Temel Karamollaoglu Vice Chairman Saadet Party Turkey via video link said that Israel controls big banks, business and economy of world. Muslim countries should take action against Israeli brutality in Gaza and develop mutual policy otherwise today what is happening is Gaza, can happen tomorrow in any Muslim country. There is no

leadership among Muslims but we have capability of becoming respected nation in the world. Bosnia’s Ambassador to Pakistan Mr Nedim Mekarevic said that UN has always played ineffective role for Palestine issue as it did for Bosnia crisis so we shouldn’t expect much from it. Muslim countries should have no economic ties with the countries supporting Israel. Maj Gen (R) Moosa Ali Jaleel High Commissioner of Maldives to Pakistan said that Israeli actions are illegal and condemnable. Israel is violating the basic human rights of the Palestinians. Our country has banned the trade with Israel and we call upon all countries for the same. High Commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan Dr Hasrul Sani bin Mujtabar said that Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza and this is issue of whole humanity. We should go beyond national interests and think of whole Ummah and Muslim brotherhood.

On the occasion foreign delegates, intellectuals, researchers, politicians, parliamentarians, academicians, students and journalists participated.

Declaration of the Seminar

We, the Politicians, Diplomats, Scholars and Human Right activists as participants of the seminar “Palestine Conflict: Obliteration of Human Rights” held on 11th day of August, 2014 organized by MUSLIM Institute in collaboration of The World Muslim Congress in Islamabad;

Strongly condemn the Siege of Gaza; merciless, cruel and inhumane genocide of the innocent citizens of Palestine and illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories.

We highlight that despite the demonstrations around the world in support of Palestinians, it has not changed the course of ruthless tyranny by Israel. Any suggestion to stop this bloodshed has been dismissed with impunity by Israeli Prime Minister. Commission of such crime is impossible without support of international powers. We strongly denounce the double standards of world players with regards to crimes against humanity. The International community must realize that it bears equal responsibility to each unwarranted loss of human life and should play a proactive and impartial role for the solution of this crisis.

We underscore that the organizations working to maintain peace and preservation of human rights have failed in their responsibility of maintaining peace and protecting the rights and lives of People of Palestine. Infliction of collective punishment and disproportionate use of force by Israel against innocent civilians are in clear violation of the 1949 Geneva Convection relating to the protection of civilians in time of war. International forums like UN, ICJ, human right organizations should take notice of this Israeli crime and also take firm actions to stop the violation of International Laws.

We emphasize that OIC should be significantly empowered collectively by Muslim states into an effective and credible body representing a unified stance of Muslim world; and successfully handle the threats and challenges posed to the latter especially the Palestine Issue. Muslim countries should stand together in restricting diplomatic, economic, military ties with countries that support Israel in order to pressurize them not to support Israel. Muslim leadership bears more responsibility to stand for innocent and oppressed people of Palestine.

We appreciate the Latin American countries; Brazil, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, Chile Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay for their support to the oppressed Palestinian People and for severing their diplomatic ties with Israel. We also appreciate steps taken by South African government against Israeli goods to be labelled as made in Occupied Palestinian Territory. Such actions are necessary to compel Israel to refrain from crimes against humanity. We also hold in high esteem individuals who have been fighting on all diplomatic and individual levels for the Palestinian cause; esp. for the imposition of trade and arms embargoes on Israel.

There are 5 Million Palestinians living in neighboring countries as refugees. We unanimously support their right of return to their homeland. We vehemently emphasize that the siege of Gaza strip by Israel

should be lifted immediately and medicines, food and other humanitarian relief goods should be supplied to the suffering people of Gaza.

We once again condemn Israel’s illegal policies and practices and expansionist plans, foremost settlement activities, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, which constitutes the State of Palestine, and reiterating that such policies and practices endanger international peace and security, are denigrating the contiguity of the State of Palestine, are the major obstacle to the resumption of a credible peace process, and threaten the prospects for attaining a peaceful solution to the conflict.


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