Diplomat couple caught selling Alcohol in Karachi

KARACHITwo North Korean nationals with diplomatic passport were caught selling alcohol illegally in D.H.A, Karachi recently.

According to the official of concerned department in Karachi, the law enforcement team that regulates illegal activities found one couple who tried to sell alcohol in open area, D.H.A. Karachi in the evening of 1st the Islamic law in the spot, and investigated them.

The authority did not reveal all details, but this couple are reported to be North Korean with diplomatic passport.

Furthermore, the husband is Jong Yun Min as a first secretary in Commercial Consellor Office of the Embassy of North Korea.

Being diplomats they are, law enforcement team released them after investigating without FIR.

This is not the isolated incident that North Korean diplomat violated Islamic law and order.

In 2013, DHA residents in Karachi had complained North Korean Commercial Counsellor Office was involved in the selling of bootlegged alcohol which was encouraging anti- social elements to visit their neighborhood and destroy law and order.

The official points out that such activities are a violation of diplomatic code of conduct., April. The team caught them in charge of violating. NNI


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