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Dilemma of road accidents

A tragic accident took place on Monday morning and as a result of which 27 people have died and more than 66 are reported to be injured as two passenger buses run into each other and crash in Rahim Yar Khan. There is not a single day that we don’t read news in newspapers of road accidents causing death of precious lives across Pakistan. The figures are eye opener, according to statistic in last twelve years road accidents have caused 60 to 70 deaths in Pakistan. Another survey revealed that Pakistan is ranked 67th among all countries in highest number of deaths in traffic related accidents.
There are many reasons behind high numbers of traffic accidents, but perhaps driving without licence is a major reason. A survey by an automotive interest group disclosed that almost 24 percent people across Pakistan drive without a driving licence. The numbers are alarming, figure shows that one fourth people on the roads are operating vehicle without being licensed to do so. Other reasons for high numbers of road accidents include poor vehicle condition, ignoring traffic rules and instruction marks on roads, signal breaking as well as over speeding, use of mobile while driving, wrong overtaking, use of drug, overloading and bad road condition.
In Pakistan almost 95 per cent road accidents take place because of human fault, which strengthens the argument that by making strict policies numbers can be decreased drastically. While the Provincial Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1965 mandates that every vehicle on the road be insured, only 25 per cent of vehicle owners respect that law. There is dire need to take steps to make the roads safer and to decrease the deaths because of road accidents.

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