Dilemma of education system in Pakistan

(Areeba Rashid)


Starting from educational system in Pakistan, commenting on it might seem to be good and nothing new to everyone but concluding this article might bring a nation-wide condemnation on this but despite of all the resistance, hopefully this article would prove as one step forward towards broadening of people’s minds and thoughts.

Education! Instead of generalizing things here, we would first see the system specifically and try to be precise and would draw out a generalized conclusion. Starting from English and Urdu i.e. the languages being taught in best of Pakistani schools run entirely and solely by Pakistani styles by Pakistani personnel acting as their principles. In primary classes English and Urdu essay topics along with their content are given and on the day of exams students are asked to cram those essays and write them “as-it-is” making them unable to develop their mind’s creativity and suppressing their writing power no matter how much able they may be in doing so. If this is the method of conducting English and Urdu essays in good schools then I cannot image what would be bad worse or worst. Students don’t even know what writing power is and creativity means in its true essence until they’re done with their bachelors or sometimes even masters. This is just one example. How grammar and literature is being taught is another worst reality going on in Pakistani schools in contrast either Christian missionaries where students don’t even know what is cramming, where languages are not taught by making the students cram the principles of grammar but they are taught the things the way it should be. They don’t know what are the principles, what are the tenses, how many tenses are there or what principles they follow but they just know how to write, how to read and how to speak and study. Now coming to History, it is taught in a way that cannot give enough knowledge as well as analytical mind and vision to students. History paper pattern is told before exams which is good but they’re also told that what questions they’ll have to answer and students cram their answers and write them down in the exams in order to get scores grades and marks. Without caring much about what is exactly written and what is the thing exactly that they’re cramming and from they’re obtaining marks. If this is the way to grade the students then certainly grades score and marks cannot be made basis for judging students abilities and himself indeed as some of my teachers always claimed so but i was unable to understand this philosophy of theirs but now I can rationalize why exactly. It is just not comprehendable that in subject history answers could be specific and cannot vary from mind to another and the whole class of 40 or 50 has given exactly the same answer or at least tried so. To avoid this variation of opinion students are asked to learn the facts of history and write down those exact facts rather than asking about the analysis of those facts. And those facts too are fabricated, manipulated and are completely biased that arises in the students the sense of so called “patriotism” and “nationalism”. Students are not allowed to think at all that the facts they’re being taught could “possibly” be wrong as well. If patriotism entirely means the sense of war and hatred towards your neighbor state then R.I.P peace and love and indeed R.I.P “humanity” as these kinds of harsh sentiments against the any other state, any other community, any other religious sect or any other sect of the same religion is destroying the sense of humanity on students and hence people. I wanted to write more but lets come to its conclusion. One aspect of its result is again provocation of sectarianism and ethnocentrism which is regarded as the biggest problem of Pakistani people that they are unable to accept any kind of culture that might be good but for them theirs is always the best. This things destroys the sense of respect among people for other communities as well hence destroying the sense of humanity. Second of the uncountable worst aspects of this kind of education is that cramming things merely without understanding them does not provide any opportunity to students to think and rationalize and makes the minds and brains inadaptable to “changes”. This system of education is basically the reason why our people resist any kind of change they encounter with. They resist up to that extreme extent they could possibly get. This kind of feature is really dangerous for our survival if we can understand at unit level. As Charles Darien theorizes that the fittest to survive is the one who is most adaptable to “change”. Though this theory is entirely specific it won’t be any wrong if we generalize it in social terms. And now I want an answer. If this system is this much resistant to change or rather made resistant to change than how possibly it is going to survivor in this world? If I say that patriotisms is certainly not war and hatred then this being a new idea for people would certainly be resisted and i would be condemned to humiliation. If I say that violence is not an answer to anything then this again being a new idea would be condemned. If I say that in institutions not only Islamabad should be taught but every religion should be taught to everyone either Muslim or Christian or Hindu or anyone. This might help in overcoming sectarianism, ethnocentrism and might help in opening people’s minds. It might help in suppressing any religious sentiments and it might help in making religion a matter of rationale, humanity and spending one’s life in a completely humane manner rather than as a matter of sentiment and emotion which is being “used” throughout our country for politics or any other personal gain and has proved as havoc for our nation, our state in the past. If I say this I would be harshly resisted and condemned as this being nothing wrong but just a “new” idea.

It is our problem that we do not give way to new ideas, new thoughts. I’m not asking to accept all the new ideas but there’s nothing wrong with considering them, analyzing and then coming to final conclusion using logics to answer the questions like how, what and why. The only difference between our society and societies that we idealise in the world that have the heights of humanity is that we do not want to give way and consider any kind of change. It could be judged by the fact that today what we are studying actually cramming is what our parents and forefathers have without even a change in words sequencing and topic sequencing in matriculation and FSc courses! It is just our ability of thinking, analysing and rationalising that can raise our status from crippled Pakistanis to a well-know and well-admired healthy nation. A very basic and were seeming-to-belittle-theoretical difference is ironically a huge and the only difference practically. And we’ll have to consider it for our own survival and our own good.




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