Dignity, honour and respect is my agenda: Barrister Ali Zafar

  • First ever interview of Barrister Ali Zafar since becoming SCBA President


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In the first ever interview to any media outlet Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Barrister Ali Zafar while talking exclusively to Sardar Khan Niazi in Roze News program Sachi Baat said that dignity, honour and respect was the theme of my election campaign and I firmly believe in it from the core of my heart and that our profession is a noble profession. He said that the reputation of lawyers in the public has been dealt a blow but through awareness and education we will regain our reputation in the public.

The newly elected SCBA President added that the relation of mutual respect between the bar and the bench was also damaged to some extent in the past. He said that during the campaign I promised that I will work to restore the reputation and honour of lawyers both in the public and with the bench. He said that he has been elected with a record number of votes and vowed to repay the trust shown by the lawyers and carry forward the principle of dignity, honour and respect.

He said that for provision of instant justice to the public the relation between the bar and the bench must be very strong. He added that if the public has faith in both the lawyers and the bench then the system will continue to work efficiently.

He said that timely justice is the need of the hour and in order to save the system provision of timely justice and fair trial must be ensured. He added that the system has not been upgraded in years. He further added that Courts and Government should both work according to the law of the land. He said that it is the role of the Supreme Court Bar to make sure that those verdicts are implemented which the Government is reluctant to implement.

He said that one judgment cannot change the entire system. Barrister Ali said that promoting Urdu is a good initiative but the verdict of enforcing Urdu as the official language came in haste and added that it is not even possible for Judges to write the verdicts in Urdu.

The newly elected SCBA President said that the contempt of court law should be abolished. He further said that allegations based on hearsay should be avoided. He said that there are many institutions that are misusing their powers. Barrister Ali added that accountability should be fair.

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