Dialogue only way out; Impasse to have adverse impact on system


The political confrontation has reached at its peak with Prime Minister lashing out the protesting parties for making unconstitutional demands. While the PAT and PTI leaders appeared to have taken hard stance against the government. The talks between the government and PTI held Saturday brought no desired results.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Saturday again made it clear that he would not resign come what may maintaining that few thousand marchers will not be allowed to overrun the mandate of millions of Pakistani people. He told that National Assembly has passed a resolution that no conspiracy against democracy will be allowed to succeed and the government is determined to implement the resolution as it is the voice of the people. Criticizing both PAT and PTI leaders for their protest sit-ins, the PM argued that political parties winning public mandate cannot be made hostages by few thousand protestors, He lamented that due to these sit-ins two heads of states postponed their visits to Islamabad while he himself could not attend the oath taking ceremony of Turkish president.

Despite the PM’s directives not to use any inflammatory remarks against the protesting parties, some PML-N federal as well provincial ministers continued flaying the marchers for making situation worst. Pervaiz Rashid has said the government registered a bogus FIR of the Model Town incident even against the Prime Minister for the cause of peace. He conveyed a message to Imran Khan as well Dr Tahirul Qadri that the government showed maximum flexibility and restraint to find an amicable solution to the current political stand-off and there is no justification for the protest.

Government also clarified that it did not ask anyone to play the role of mediator and guarantor in the current situation and Army has been deployed under Article 245 of the Constitution to protect important buildings and sensitive installations located in the federal capital. Abid Sher Ali also maintained that government has done nothing wrong by calling army to play its role for ending political crises.

On the other side the PTI and PAT leaders keep demanding from the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. They are not ready to show any flexibility to the government. They accused PM Nawaz Sharif for lying on the floor of House over the army issue.

Imran Khan has been saying for 14 months to open the four seats. He accepted the elections, but had asked y for the opening of four constituencies in which he accused government of commuting worst kind rigging. After failing to get any response he came on the street and now not ready to leave the federal capital unless the Prime Minister quits the office.Imran Khan came hard on government by blaming it for maligning state institutions including the army. PAT chief also came hard on the Prime Minister alleging that he should step down as lied on the floor of the House. Besides rigging, the incumbent government is being blamed for poor governance. The appearance of a lady before PAT chief claiming that her daughter committed suicide after failing to get justice in Muzaffargarh , speaks volume about the injustice being meted out to common man. Though reportedly after few hours, concerned police Saturday claimed that they have rearrested the culprits, but the damage has been done again to the credibility of Punjab government which is already being questioned. The government must implement reward and punishment policy to avoid embarrassment.

Fear still prevails in the federal capital as both the protesting parties are losing their patience. The marchers and law enforcement agencies personnel standing face to face.The situation can take ugly turn. The leadership of PAT and PTI must not lose patience and continue their struggle as per the constitution. The PTI has made it clear that it does not support any violence and would not attack the parliament. Everybody must respect the parliament as being an state organs, it does not belonged to the government .The government and both protesting parties have to find a solution acceptable to all sides.

The tendency to dislodge the Government through pressure tactics would render the system instable and no elected prime minister would be able to run the country smoothly in the future. The sit-ins which continued for the 16 days have adversely affected the national economy .Government as well the leadership of long marches will have to realize the gravity of the situation and come to table for meaningful dialogue to end political crisis and shun politics of confrontation, violence and agitation it was high time for all political parties, especially the opposition, to resolve political issues and differences strictly in accordance with democratic values by holding parleys in the larger national interests



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