Dialogue between West and Islam: Need of the time

As 2015 knocks at our door, we are witnessing the humanity is entering in an era, that can hardly be termed a peaceful. Few steps must be taken to ensure peace, harmony, and stability among the nation states.

1-            All religions and the sentiments must be honored and protected throughout the world as a common heritage of humankind.

2-            There should be certain limits to the freedom of press and freedom of expression. The responsibility is an essence of free media; the idea is not allies to the Western press and society. The Western society is well aware of its limits to express and opine even in Hyder Park, where you are free to utter any kind of stupidity, you are allowed to criticize or abuse the Queen of England.

3-            Throughout the Europe Holocaust denial is a criminal offence for which imprisonment can be awarded from three to eleven years. Even French Deputy Speaker Roger Graudy has been refused to get his article published because he has mentioned some intellectual opinion questioning the reality of the Holocaust. The credibility of Nuremburg trial has always been questioned by the intellectuals throughout the world. But the Western society is not ready to have an open discussion on the issue of Holocaust denial.

If sentiments of Jews can be protected by the law in Western societies, why the sentiments of the Muslims can’t be protected? So there should be a dialogue between the West and the Muslim societies. Now the question is who from our side can initiate this dialogue. Dialogue among different civilizations requires listening and hearing from other cultures. Importance of listening to others is by no means less than talking to others; it may be in fact more important.

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