Dharna organisers enemies of economic development: PM

LAHORE, Nov 16 (INP): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that those involved in sit ins are enemies of economic development and prosperity of the country but the government would continue with its mission of service to the masses.

The Prime Minister said this during a meeting with Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif at his residence in Jati Umra here on Sunday.

He said the government was mobilizing all the resources to resolve the problems of the people who have mandated it for five years.  He referred to several steps taken by the PML-N government to provide relief to the masses including reduction in POL prices.  He said this step has helped in bringing down further the inflation rate.

Nawaz Sharif said due to better management of supply chain and facilities to the farmers,  prices of vegetables and other products have come down which is a big relief to the common man.

The Prime Minister said that the government from day one has been tirelessly working to reduce load shedding, price hike, unemployment and improve law and order and referred to several policy measures in this regard. He said these measures have started bearing fruits.

Sources said the two leaders exchanged views on arrangements made for the 30th November, 2014 PTI protest meeting and said that while the government would facilitate peaceful meeting but no one will be allowed to take law in his hand and damage public and private property.

They said that holding of public meetings is part of democracy and no one objects over them but violent means would be dealt with according to law.

They said those indulging in violence would be dealt with under the law as it is responsibility of the government to protect the live and property of the people. He said sit ins have caused massive economic loss to the country.

Sources said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who returned from his visit to Europe told the Punjab chief minister that international investors are keen to come to Pakistan and he was fully satisfied with his meeting sin Berlin and London. He said that Pakistan’s image was improving among the international community.


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