Dhaaba owners threaten to march towards Parliament house

Staff Reporter

An operation had been carried out by CDA against the ‘dhaabas’ which were set up illegally in the various localities of the capital, as a result many ‘dhaabas’ were razed to ground in different sectors of Islamabad.

CDA official in this concern said that operation had been launched after many grievances were recorded by the residents. When to owners of  razed ‘dhabaas’  were contacted they strongly protested the CDA’s action and threatened that if CDA would not allow us to revive our ‘dhaabas’ in earlier condition we would march toward parliament and a full-fledged protest campaign would be initiated against the CDA’s act.

A ‘dhaaba’ owner revealed while talking to patriot that we are running these ‘dhabaas’ since 1980 but we were never investigated before as many officers are involved in taking monthly bribe and paying no money in return of food items, and now CDA launched operation without any notice, as a result many people working on these ‘dhaabas’ would be unemployed.

The residents talking to patriot praised CDA’s act and stated that they were relieved since the operation had started as the ‘dhaabas’ were occupying not only the allocated area rather the adjoining property of lawns and footpaths were also encroached by keeping chairs and tables for their customers creating difficulty for pedestrians, also these ‘dhaabas’ were selling substandard foods.

In addition they told that these ‘dhabas’ owners were over charging on food items despite the approved rate lists, and misbehaved with customers on asking for extra charges. CDA officials denied accusations levied by the razed ‘dhabaa’ owners and stated it as not more than a fairytale story, and they assured that every possible step would be taken to improve the living standards of the locality.

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