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DG IB confirms Bureau gathered ‘low-downs’ on JIT members

ISLAMABAD: The Director General of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) on Saturday informed the Supreme Court of Pakistan in writing that the IB did, in fact, gather ‘low-downs’ on the Judicial Investigation Team (JIT).

According to the document, the IB informed the apex court that “the Directorate General of Intelligence Bureau gathers intelligence on matters having bearing on national importance.”

“As a regular practice, the bureau collects low-downs of the government personnel and other subjects of interest working on important positions. Such low-downs are maintained for ready reference.”

While the IB confirmed it had collected the true facts and relevant information regarding JIT members, it did not explain how it gathered intelligence.

“It is hereby confirmed that low-downs of JIT members were collected since Panama Leaks case is a high profile case having serous repercussions on the political fabric of the country. How the said low-downs leaked is a matter of great concern and is being investigated.”

The Intelligence Bureau however categorically denied allegations of involvement in hacking the Facebook account of JIT member Bilal Rasool or his family. The IB also denied infringing privacy or harassing any JIT member or members of their families.

“The Bureau, however, categorically denies allegations of hacking of facebook of Mr Bilal Rasool or his family, or infringing privacy and causing harassment of any JIT member or his family.”


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