Development in polio eradication

 In recent times Pakistan has faced great difficulties to eradicate the menace of polio virus from country. During every polio campaign, polio workers faced great resistance from some radical factions of society. In some cases number of polio workers lost their lives and ultimately special protection teams were assigned to protect the polio workers in order to successfully complete the polio eradication campaigns.

Steady and firm commitment to end polio is bringing positive results. World Health Organization has appreciated the efforts of Pakistan and expressed satisfaction with the decline of registered cases of polio. In this year, so far only 11 polio cases have been detected in comparison of last year’s 54 cases. 2014 was the worst year as 305 cases of polio were registered because campaign met resistance from militants who attacked immunisation teams, and polio workers were stopped from administering drops in some areas.

WHO termed this year’s cases as the lowest toll of cases in recent history and declared that polio can be eliminated from Pakistan within months. Due to previous immunisation campaigns and better security cover for polio workers and health visitors, Pakistan has registered a steady decline in the cases of polio.

It is a major victory in the fight against the disease which is remained in only two countries of the world, Pakistan and our neighbour Afghanistan. It is motivational development but road to polio free Pakistan is long and twisted. Because disease is still a challenge and a lot more needs to be done to purge the country of the polio virus.

Steady and firm commitment to eradicate polio is bringing positive results.


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