Development ‘D’ is our goal while D for destruction is protesting party’s plan: PM

inp 15-62CHAKWAL: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that his government is implementing plan “D” for development of the country by constructing motorways, highways, power plants and broke the back of price hike. On the other hand, without naming PTI’s protests, he said the others are implementing their plan of “D” for destruction.
He was speaking at a ceremony marking the beginning of overlay and modernization of Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M-2) here on Monday.
“D for development is our plan while D for destruction is the plan of the protesting party. He said we have to save the country from those believing in D for destruction,” the Prime Minister told a gathering and said hurdles created by the protesting parties cannot stop the development process.
The Prime Minister said when we would go to the people in 2018 we would have in our record that we have ended loadshedding, overcome gas shortage, reduced price hike and unemployment, eliminated terrorism and made the economy strong. In contrast the protesting parties will go to the polls having record of sit-ins creating hurdles in the way of development, speeches of siege, attack on parliament and abuses to democracy.He said we have to save the country from those believing in D for destruction.
Nawaz Sharif said if hurdles are not created, the development process will gain more momentum and soon the country will see and era of prosperity and development.
The Prime Minister expressed the resolve that the development process will continue and hurdles being created by the protesting parties cannot stop this process.
Nawaz Sharif recounted various development projects launched by the government and relief provided to the people including reduction in POL prices and power tariff.He said that the relief wouldbenefit the farmers, industry and the common people and their purchasing power would increase as prices of consumer items would come down.
He said the motorway was completed with country’s own resources at a cost of Rs 30 billion and today its price is more than Rs 249 billion. He assured the project would be completed in one and a half year at the estimated cost.
The Prime Minister said he would soon lay the foundation stone of Lahore-Karachi Motorway and it would be extended from Peshawar to Kabul.
He said when the construction of motorway started, several people criticized it but they are now using it with fast speed travel. He regretted that instead of allowing the wheels to move fast on the motorway, the PTI is burning them to block roads.
On the occasion, MNAs Major (Retd) Tahir Iqbal, Mumtaz Khan Tamman and MPA Ch. Liaquat Ali Khan from the area also spoke on the occasion and thanked the Prime Minister for the project. INP

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