Demonstration held against suspension of gas in Faisalabad

Enraged protestors clash with police, snatch official weapons

FAISALABAD (INP): Labourers including women staged protest demonstration against suspension of gas by blocking road during which they clashed with police and snatched weapons from a cop.

A large number of labourers hailing Nishatabad Industrial Area of Faisalabad on Monday held protest against gas suspension which led to closure of industries depriving daily wagers of source of livelihood.

The women protestors were carrying utensils while the male labourers carrying batons and placards blocked the Sheikhupura-Faisalabad Road for vehicular traffic of all kinds by burning tyres and placing hurdles.

The protestors clashed with policemen when they tried to hurdle the protest. They tortured a cop and snatched official weapons from his possession.

The participants of protest rally chanted slogans against government and demanded to restore the gas of industrial area. They also warned of district wide protests if their demands were not met.

Police have registered a case against the violent protestors and started the investigations.


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