Democracy has been hijacked by a select few: Siraj

Sardar KhanJI Ameer Sirajul Haq’s exclusive interview to Sardar Khan Niazi

ISLAMABAD: Mending the system and getting rid of the faults is the responsibility of the Government, however no Government in Pakistan has done anything for the public, this was stated by JI Ameer Sirajul Haq while talking to Sardar Khan Niazi in Roze News program Sachi Baat.

He said that in Pakistan politics and democracy are both hijacked by a select few and they use the system to their benefit. He said the rich and powerful in Pakistan take favors whether there is democracy or military rule. He added that in Pakistan democracy has never been free even for a day. The JI Ameer added that the country is being ruled by the same people who keep switching parties to protect their interests. He said that the children of Ministers will never study in government schools because of the low standards; similarly a Minister never goes to a government hospital. Siraj was very critical of the ruling elite and said that the politicians are only focused on getting elected and make lofty promises during the election time.

Siraj also asked the Government to provide the journalists access to the tribal areas. He said there are no educational institutes in the tribal areas. He asked the Government to implement a proper system in the tribal areas. He said that we should be ashamed at the way we have treated the IDP’s who sacrificed so much for our sake by leaving their homes.  He also blamed the media for spreading vulgarity and said that many things shown on the media are against the law and the constitution.

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