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Democracy after 70 years

This independence day in a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Chairman Senate said that during democratic governments, flag hoisting was done in the parliamentary premises to depict that this state was exercising its powers and authority through its chosen representatives. Whereas, dictators made attempts to filch the mandate of the people by taking the ceremony behind closed doors. Flag hoisting ceremonies were held on the lawns of Parliament till 1999. This independence day we portray a gesture of democracy through this flag hoisting ceremony. On the other hand, all the provinces are longing for a true democratic state, a State where all their rights are met. Muslim League that was founded in 1906 carved out Muslim state of East and West Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands died in widespread communal violence and millions were made homeless. After that mass bloodshed, the first shudder to the democracy of Pakistan was transpired in 1958. But few have a divergent point of view and they believe that it was military that happened to be the savior of the country whenever it has reeled into the crises, internal unrest or external intimidations. These hide and seek between the military and civil rule has put down the actual development of the country.   The strenuous efforts of those who brought us freedom seemed to be at stake. The democracy isn’t under threat by any military rule or external power but is being devalued by its own democratic rulers. According to a report nearly 39 percent of Pakistanis live in multidimensional poverty. Where water shortage and food scarcity is common, illiteracy is prevalent, sexual harassment and lootings have become a routine, it sounds humorous that the leaders rally around for their personal greed of power. How often have we witnessed a long march in favor of women who have been harassed or in favor of children who have died because of poor health conditions? 70 years back our leaders and the people shed their blood not because they wanted to see us merely hoisting the flag of the country but they actually wanted us to be free, free of all the illicit menaces and free from all the miseries that are still engulfing the country from all over.

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