Deferral of Chinese president’s visit delighted enemies of Pakistan: PEW

ISLAMABAD (INP) : PPP MNA from Mirpur Khas Munawar Ali Talpur on Sunday said PTI’s Chief Imran Khan and PAT’s leader Tahir ul Qadri inflicted heavy losses to the economy of Pakistan through their useless sit-ins. Postponement of the scheduled visit of Chinese President delayed $34 billion investment plans which is a great setback that pleased the enemies of Pakistan, he said.


Speaking at forum organised by Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW), Munawar Ali Talpur said that political protests can never be more important than economic stability. He said that the two protesting leaders have damaged investment climate as well as image of Pakistan for which they will have to answer.


The PPP leader said that demonstrators have broken many agreements and they have no plan to remain peaceful therefore government should take action against them, adding that right decisions are always difficult. Rented revolutionaries should not be allowed to take Parliament as hostage and that law should rule the county not a mob.

Speaking at the occasion, Murtaza Mughal lauded the restraint of government but underlined that patience should have its limits. He said that Parliament is getting stronger for which credit goes to politicians as well as defence forces.

Dr. Murtaza Mughal asked the government to mend ways, resolve issues of masses and ensure justice so that failed politicians could not flare up masses in future. He said that those who quote Quran and Hadith in their speeches to misguide masses have conveniently ignored the sanctity of life and property in Islam.

According to Quran those who put life and property of masses under threat should be killed or at least driven out of the country. Quran bars from killing any human and orderes five painful punishments for those who willingly kills a Muslim, he added.  Islam has clearly defined method to replace the government which is being disregarded by the so-called champions of Islam, said Dr. Mughal.


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