Declaring Arab non-Israeli: Zionist committing more sins


ISLAMABAD: The decision made by the Zionist regime has finally exposed the ulterior motives of anti Muslim forces. The New World Order term commonly used for criticizing or praising American policies is now seem to be unfolding. The Soviet Unition made a blunder to invade Afghanistan and was forced to leave by the Muslims who with the help of American support taught an unforgotten lesson to Russians. Muslims around the world in general and Pakistani Muslim in particular including our gallant armed forces and brave civilians rendered unprecedented sacrifices to foil then USSR nefarious design to get an hold on ‘Hot Water’. After taking control of Kabul, Taliban ruled the country with the backing of Pakistan and US. But suddenly, US after revisiting policies took over the Kabul by declaring Talibn ‘terrorists’. Yesterday’s mujahid were declared today’s terrorists just because American got feelings the entire region (From Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Syria, Iraq, Jordon to Iran) would be in full control of Muslims and might become a threat for US-UK nurtured Israel. American took the control by installing Karzai as puppet President. Invading Iraq and now turning its guns towards Syria are ample proof of US commitment to protect its interest and keep Israel safe from the wrath of Muslim Ummah. Israel never accepted the existence of Palestinians though agreeing to American brokered ‘Two State formula’ in which Israelis and Palestinians were free live side by side with peace. But two state formula was not based on sincerity rather it was buying time for the US to get out of Iraq and take on Syria.

The Zionists have shown their ugly face by announcing its own unilateral decision. They systematically carried out genocide of Palestinians and successfully confined them in a corner. The OIC and rest of Muslim countries’ leaders just keep issuing statements condemning Israeli  for committing crimes against innocent Palestinians. The Muslim Ummah in partcualar and west in general must be ashamed for what Israel had caused irreparable damageto Palestinians and now one should forget dreaming peace in Middle East as Palestinians who had already lost everything, now nothing has to lose. They will come out with full force and not only them but the rest of network either banned or else would join them to wage jihad against Israel.

And now it is not enough for Muslims to point out that these people do not represent the religion. They don’t. But world had to take more active measures to protest these heinous acts as committed by the Zionist

Muslims are right to complain that there is anti-Muslim bigotry out there.


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