Decision must be made after taking parliament into confidence: Brig (R) Hayat

5Pakistan’s participation in Yemen conflict 

ISLAMABAD: The Government has so far been very abrupt regarding its policy on the Yemen crisis, and parliament must be taken into confidence before making a decision, this was stated by Defence Analyst Brigadier (R) Hayat while speaking exclusively to The Patriot. He said that Pakistan’s western and eastern borders are already under threat and at such a precarious time indulging in a full-fledged operation in a foreign country is not advisable. He said that the Middle-East is currently a hotbed of terror with different groups like the ISIS operating there, and Pakistan simply cannot afford to send its troops in the region. He added that no matter how cordial Pakistan’s relations are with Saudi Arabia statements in the media claiming that Pakistan’s Army is Saudi Arabs Army shouldn’t be issued, he said that we have close relations with Saudi Arabia but Pakistan must make the decision of becoming a party in the conflict without any such consideration and purely in the best interest of the country.


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