Death sentence of Nimr Baqir, death of free expression of views


ISLAMABAD: The ambassador of good will of the International Human Rights Organization (IHRC) issued a statement here in Islamabad regarding the death sentence of the Saudi Shia cleric, he strongly condemned Nimr’s death sentence order he added that the rulers of Saudi Arabia can not bear the freedom of expression. He said the rulers of Saudi kingdom remained always against those people who freely expressed their views regarding public and political affairs and they turned it towards sectarian issues. He said kangaroo courts set up by the Saudi interior ministry never follow the minimum regulations and measures that meet the religion and the international standard of justice the international human organization. He said this verdict of the court has been condemned by all the human rights organization around the world and it is being termed as “appalling” and this should be quashed in this matter Saudi regime failing to address the human right situation in this regime the rulers persistently implemented repressive policies that stifle freedom of expression association and assembly. He said that in their jails about 30000 political activist are in custody and they are all political workers in Minl al Baqir al Niml case this Saudi cleric is a peace full pioneer and activist who has been in the prison since last two years and his only crime is standing up against atrocities and for justice, legal rights for those who are suffering unfairly prosecuted in Saudi Arabia. He emphasized that it is the duty of all human rights organization raised voice for the freedom of these political activists particularly for Baqil al Nimr and to pressurize the regime to free all of them.

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